Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Some Thoughts on RVing, Traveling, Motorcycle Touring and Parking your RV along the ALCAN

I know a lot of folks are Planning their big RVing the Alaskan Highway trip...

For those rolling north to Alaska... or thinkin' on it... don't hesitate or fret, 'cause you're concerned with places to stop along the way...

Your choices are many... Commercial/private RV parks... Provincial and Territorial Parks... and many and frequent rest areas and plain Ol' widespots plenty sufficient for overnighting as you wander...

You say you've got a "Big Rig"? ... apparently the Canadians think that spaces should be a mite larger in their provincial parks than the forest service does down in the states... to my mind, they've built their sites a whole lot larger than what we have to deal with down "South"... so that's not much of an issue either... less you have a 47' triple wide the size of the space shuttle! :o)

But... even for you there's room! :o)

... and If you're wanting to motel it on a bike... or an old fashioned Road trip in the SUV... there's a heavy choice of motels and Bed and Breakfast outfits all along the way... I don't believe I'd worry 'bout reservations in most places.

... such planning usually just trashes whatever sponteneity you started out with. :o) ... Just go... till you're tired for the day... and then... right close by... you'll find a place you can stop... ain't nobody gonna hassle you much up here... that I can see.

Here's the deal for planning your Alaskan trip... the way I see it... 1. Remember this... it's a LOT bigger than it looks on a map... so give yourself plenty of time... 2. It's a Lonely Road... SOLO... unless you (and the folks around you) simply, absolutely Need you to take the time alone for cleaning out the Stuff in your head... take a friend... you'll be glad you had him... or Her! 3. Line out your money for it... and then stash maybe 25% extra... for just in case :o)

Bottom line? You'll find there's No real shortage of fuel stops... snack stops... view stops... bunk stops... or restraunt stops.

Likely... the only shortage will be in the amount of time you can steal from the rest of your life to know this place... an awesome awesome place.

So... what are you waiting on?

Wandering the Great and Glorious West

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Terria said...

Great advice Brian. I agree everyone should take this trip at least once, it is so worth it.

gumo said...

You are paving the way for many of us "wannabees". Thanks for sharing your experience with us!