Friday, July 16, 2010

Yankee Boy Basin...

OK... if Crested Butte is the Wildflower Capital of Colorado... and it may be... Ouray, and Yankee Boy Basin are givin' 'em a run for their money!

Like I said, they may have set the date in Crested Butte, a mite early this year, it having been a cold, wet spring that set things back a bit... but in Ouray, and Yankee Boy Basin... the Flowers are comin' on strong, and probably have maybe a week 'fore they peak.

Either place, you can't hardly go wrong... though... gettin' to up above Ouray yesterday was juuuuuuust a bit more athletic...

Started the day getting a lesson from the Master, on the proper use of the Imax window...

Then... after ever'body got collected we loaded up and headed out of town in Mark's truck and ours... bound for Yankee Boy Basin.

The first couple of miles ya think; "Aw this ain't four wheelin'! I could run my momma's Buick over this!"... but don't go jumpin' to conclusions to soon drifters... it gets "Western"... right quick!

First though, that road sucks you in with some gentle Aspens to soothe your apprehension :o)

Now... properly calmed and prepared... WHAM! it lets you know a mite of what's ahead!

I'm thinkin' it was riiiiiight 'bout here... Heidi started fidlin' with the Ipod in her lap a lot! :o) and a few more bends you come along this lil' spot...

... Later in the day... comin' back down...

Now... somehow... I get the idea... I'm not gonna be draggin' the Eagle up this road! :o)

... and it's hard to make much progress, without draggin' a trailer... everywhere ya look... a picture to take... including, the pics of Mark and Marguarette (sp?) takin' pics of me takin' pics of them... takin' pics of me! :o)

Though it's a tough job, we slogged on through with Mark leadin' us all into some of the most gorgeous country a man could ever wander through. I don't care if you're hikin' through the Alps... or Mountains in Ecuador... you ain't gonna find a more Beautiful place than right here in SW Colorado!

I'm sittin' here tryin' to decide which pictures to post... knowin' google is gonna slap he upside the head if I try to put 'em all up here... but I gotta say... it's hard to take a bad picture in this country... I may have to build some of those Photobucket galleries or something... for folks that just want to look at pictures!

Got to a spot where ever'body got out to hike... most went with Bobbie while Mark ran his truck up top, in case somebody didn't feel like walkin' back down... Heidi and I lagged behind, on account of her ankle ain't healed up yet... and though Mark claimed it was but a mile on up... I think he must be talkin' in "Mountain Miles"... cause it was a hike! :o) we made it... maybe 2/3 or so? not real sure... of what ever'body else walked...

It was a joyful day, no matter how you looked at it... anybody movin' through this part of the Rockies, who ain't ooooin, an' ahhhhhin'.... and smilin' till their teeth get sunburnt... has some serious issues!

Ya know what?... I'm gonna have to do this Yankee Boy Basin day in two posts... 'cause I could keep on goin' here for another hour!... and ever'body is waitin' on us I think... so I'll finish up tonight! :o) gotta go get my butt in gear for today! Suh-Wheet!

After a Day in the West... in Yankee Boy Basin!

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Cindy K said...

OMG! That area is beyond belief!! And the road made MY eyeballs pop out. I'm with Heidi for not lookin'. I've been on a similar road type once and that was enough for me. The picture Gallery idea is a good one. You sure have an eye for the beautiful so that's another talent you have!! Joyful is the word.

Rex Kusler said...

That road looks like the one they used to film that movie THE LONG, LONG TRAILER with Lucille Ball and Dezi Arnaz. She had the trailer filled with those giant rocks and they were driving up that mountain road--funny stuff.

Loree said...

I love Ouray and Yankee boy basin. I can remember going up there as a child in the late 70's with my parents.
Thanks for bringing back some great memories.