Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Finding an RV Boondocking Camp...

... First thing you've got to do... is NOT listen too much to campground hosts. :o) ... thing is... I think they feel the need to try and maneuver as many as they can, into a paying campsite... NOT give folks all the available information... and let 'em make their own decisions...

If we'd listened to the 'hosts'... we'd maybe not found the truth 'bout this Spring Creek Res./Taylor Park Res. area.

Luckily, in the end, we pretty much do things our own way. Yesterday morning we climbed in the truck to go do some day trip scouting of the area... 'course, we did a nice morning walk up the canyon above camp first... to get a bit of a mountain canyon 'fix'.

The camp we walked out of... it may cost $6 bucks a night... but, it ain't too shabby! what with the nearest neighbors camp a 100 feet or more away... and the next one, farther off the other way... Sweet!

Then, walking up the canyon, behind this picture... you find flowers...

and fly fishermen, with the morning sun, sparkling off the river...

... and walking along, just breathing in the scent of the pines, and listening to the singin' of the river... it hits you... FREEDOM!... and you fight it, so you don't have to explain... but if you were alone, you'd let the tears flow!... 'cause it feels so Damn Right!... and the words from a book/movie come back to you... sittin' on a rock... capturing pictures of Heaven on Earth...

I can't quote exactly right... but the meaning is clear to me... "Somewhere there is a canyon. Heaven on Earth... and a River Runs through it."

I don't know for sure how long we'll be able to hold things together, on our starvation budget... I have room to lose a few pounds an' not look Too sickly. :o) ... but days like yesterday sure provide the motivation to find a way.

I hope... that as many of you as can, find the way to cut yourselves loose from all the phony chains that we've been conned into bolting on to ourselves. The sheer Joy of Freedom and Shining Times... is worth every ounce of the jiggly quivers it gives you to step off onto a scary trail... not knowing for sure, where the assets are gonna come from... to keep it all going... find a way... muster the courage... and Live a Life!

Now... back to finding that RV Boondocking Camp!

Up above the Spring Creek Campground, the canyon opens up into some awful purty country...

Right beside this wreck of a cabin... is one spot we penciled into our notes for future reference... the river just below it to the right... a ways off the road... Perfect!

Meandering on up the road with my rolling road block...  I putsy up these backroads at the blinding speed of about 15 mph! :o) we wandered past Spring Creek Reservoir and took the cutoff that runs over to Taylor Park... site after site, all along the way...

Can't recall how many times I've been asked; "How big an RV can we RV Boondock in?"... my usual answer is keep it small as you can... 'cause that's my natural way... and we're actually thinkin' hard of goin'... a lot smaller...

but... for those who just can't deal with as small as makes me happy, how 'bout Boondocking in a triple axle toy hauler fifth wheel trailer?

... and how 'bout wakin' up to That view out your RV's bedroom window? Like I keep sayin' folks... FREEDOM! JOY... and SHINING TIMES! ... sorry 'bout the hollerin'... I just get cranked up on occasion!

If triple axles aren't needed... you can go a mite smaller... and still get into awesome country!

Just behind this RV Camp... behind those trees to the right... was a lil' RV Boondocking Village! :o) must have been a group of friends with ATV's and Bikes... and millions of Mountain acres above Gunnison to wander in on your toys...

... or on your feet.

'cause those Mountains you see behind this rig?... that there is the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness...

Sweet country people... what are ya'll waitin' on? Don't waste too much time like we did... Take what ya got and git goin'! :o)

Like this fella... a version of my Motorcycle Carry... only he does it for his ATV Carry on a fifth wheel!

... and well done too!

Today more wanderin'... Heidi heard 'bout another "Wildflower Festival" of some sort, up in Crested Butte... so it's higher up the Mountain for us today!

Walking in Freedom... Somewhere in the West!

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Anonymous said...

Great post on "living" Looks like your finding the lifestyle..I sure enjoy it and the only complaint i ever have is always from campgrounds with other people's views...and they are always so petty. BiLL

john said...

it seems that the OLD dodge isnt up to the 350 or so horses the new dodge was ???hum just keep pluggin and soon you wont notice the difference there is ..mine is only 215horse and 185 on the ground ,,but it does a great job.slow and steady saves the day ..enjoy the rest of your full time holidays