Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Days of Stunning, Soul Searing Beauty... and the Birth of Friendships.

 About a week ago I said; "Maybe, we'll be lucky enough to not want to leave there either..." well, Damn!... Got my wish.

The road calls, I've got more of those infernal "Plans", pulling me onward, but this visit has been too short! To much more to see, so much more to say and share...

A man might be greedy enough to want more... but he'll never find finer Hosts than Mark and Bobbie... There's a pair that's welcome at my fire... any time... along with ever'body else who shared our "fire" this past week. Walden Steve, John Q, Margarethe, and Fisherman Sebastian!

Yesterday, as the visit was winding down, Mark and I likely found the source of the overheating on our Ol' Dodge , while Bobbie was up in the "Mine Shack"... showing Heidi that she Could Indeed Paint Watercolor!

In the evening, the five of us, John Q, Mark and Bobbie and Heidi and I,  enjoyed a fine, supper in town... followed by a sight seeing stroll around the big lil' city of Ouray.

A finer way to close out this celebration than That, I don't know. A pleasant stroll, talking, Joking, and laughing with the Old Friends we Just met! With the Water Fall that hangs above Ouray topping the scene.

These past days have proven, that though folks might come from different parts of the country, different parts of the World!... with each carrying views of things, nigh on to opposite, if their minds, and hearts are open and reaching... if they acknowledge and nurture the passion for Freedom, and the Right of a person to be the person they are, without judgment... the opportunity for great things still lives.

Mark and Bobbie... Thank You so Very Much... for Creating the Opportunity of this week, For showing us places we'd have never seen on our own... and for opening our eyes, and hearts... a lil' bit more!

 ... and now with the hope for Sunny Slopes ahead, and Shining Times behind... and the sorrow of another "Leaving"... Heidi and I have to roll...

Wandering the Great and Glorious West

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

It really was our pleasure.
love, Mark and Bobbie

mhmoore said...

Hey Brian,
I just gotta say, I bought all three of your books from Smashmouth and got them in the Kindle format...I do NOT own a Kindle but I have the Kindle for PC on all my 'puters. Now I can read you anywhere. thanks for going this way as it really makes a difference to me. I read a lot and take my mini Dell with me on the road a lot. So far I am 1/3 into Boondocking tips. Just had to say how much I enjoy them. Thanks,