Monday, July 19, 2010

The Cowboy Biker... is At a Loss For Words!

Huh?... How it that Possible?!! ... but it's true... I've been sittin' here for an hour, scrolling through pictures of our Hike up to Bouillon King Lake yesterday... and the last of our Trip to Telluride the  day before... and I just don't know what to say... and there's so much to say, all at the same time...

Hard for a pea brain like me to sort through it all.

I asked Heidi yesterday; "Can you remember ever having so many days, as good as the last few... in one week?"

Plain an' simple, it's been  a Shining Trip... we were "apprehensive" when we were pullin' in last week. But it turned out like we were greeting Old Friends... just awesome. I think it's been kind of unusual, just how good ever'body has got along... really fine...

I guess it's really a testament to the idea that Life can really open up, even for a cranky, Old, opinionated, geezer... if you just Make Yourself step out of your comfort zone once in a while...

And THAT is something, Mark, the Artful Blogger has proven to be pretty good at... pushing people out of their self imposed lil' boxes... though he's still kinda ducking ever' time Heidi comes around :o). I don't have much faith she'll ever believe him much in the future, when he tells her; "Aw, it's a good road... only a few bumps early on!" :o)

The thing is, we, Heidi and me... likely woudn't have made that climb to Bouillon King yesterday, and we damn sure wouldn't have pushed on over Imogene Pass!... Those are two things, just in the last week, we'd not have seen... and Lordy! would we have lost a lot in the deal.

Hopefully the lesson will stick... and in the future, when we're thinkin' of turning back... we'll remember what we would have missed these last few days... and we'll push on a lil' farther... Many Thanks for the eye opener Mark!

So... back to Telluride!

Coming down the west side of the pass you have to pass through this lil' tunnel... Now, my mirrors juuuuust fit... and I didn't measure it, but it sure didn't look very tall... so, if some feller tells you he took his cabover camper all the way over This pass, you've got my permission to be juuuuust a mite skeptical! :o)

A bit farther on you get your first view of Telluride, Colorado...

... and you start thinkin'; "Whew! this piece of work is nigh on to done!"... only... You are WRONG son! That last mile or three... is ever' bit as rough as the whole dang rest of that "road"! ... it's low range and maybe second gear... clean down till your 'bout six feet from the pavement... where they put a genuine... SPEED BUMP!

Huh? I've been climbin' over things four times taller for the last 5 hours or so! Made me giggle.

Got us a potty break, a cool drink an' a couple of new shirts... one for me... and one for herself... took a ride on the Gondola (and I don't do heights very well) ... which is weird... 'cause I can walk out on a precipice and breathe like I just stepped into Heaven... but put me on a Machine that hauls me up into the air... shakin' an' swingin'... and my liver turns to quiverin' jello...

Then... you get a guy like Mailman/Walden Steve... "Hey Brian! What was that snap I heard?... Is the cable breaking?" ...

... you can't see it behind those dark glasses of mine... but those eyes look like a pair of small pizzas... with Ol' Steve just a pokin'... cruel, cruel, Ol' Mailman! :o)

But I did it... rode that infernal Machine all the way 'round and back to the bottom... where I kissed the ground upon my return to it!

Even found a Toad for somebody... leastways if you're able to be seen climbin' out of something as Cute as this thing... me?... Not sure my vanity would allow it. :o)

Nice town to walk around in... Heidi and I got some sort of a fruit smoothie thing and strolled down the street 'till it was time to rendezvous with the others for the Highway run 'home'.

But first... a few flowers from Telluride Town...

... and then I'll leave you with something... for your "Bucket List"... Black Bear Road...

See that zig zag... goin' up the face of the mountain... left center in the picture? THAT is Black Bear Road... Remember the CW McCall song 'bout it? Back in the '70s? ... You gotta have cajones kids... to run that sucker... and even the Jeeps gotta back up to make the turns...

... imagine, backing up... where if you go maybe 3 inches too far... you go 'bout a THOUSAND FEET! too far! :o) ... hmmm... don't think I'll get Heidi to run THAT with me in the Ol' '99!

And Hey! I'm makin' progress on getting my RV Boondocking ebooks, as well as my lil' tome of auto-biographical... abso-freaking-lutely TRUE short stories  online and ready to sell... have to clean up a few lil' computer 'issues' with 'em... but I'll let ya'll know when and where they'll be available... if you're interested.

***Edit.*** HOOYA! Just checked my Smashwords account and my lil' books are up and available on Smashwords for anybody interested!

If you click this lil' button  you'll find my Smashwords author page... with a listing of the three lil' books I've got out so far... If you like reading 'bout my 'adventures' on this page, you might want to know that any purchases of my lil' books helps keep me rollin', RV boondocking and collectin' more stories to entertain you with... Many Thanks!***

Much to do today... we've got to leave this lil' Oasis tomorrow! :o( ... so I better get to it...

Still Squatting in Ouray!

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

RE: that Gondola picture of you, Walden Steve and me, That's the best photo of me I've seen in a long long time. But tell me, and be honest now... do my ears look too big in that cap? :))
Hope the Cummins run cooler going home... I think you are circling around the bullseye of the origin of the problem.