Thursday, June 3, 2010

Goin' 12 Different Directions...

... and I gotta tell ya... Don't do it!

Makes it damn hard to get anywhere! :o)

Got me a list built of ever'thing I need to get and have done in the next six weeks... onliest problem bein'... I think it's 'bout a 12 week list!

It looks to be a busy summer... and at times, a Lil' spooky, 'cause truth be known, I'm gonna step off on a couple things without having... shall we say... all the I's dotted and the T's crossed.

I guess that Columbus fella knows what I'm talkin' 'bout... though I can say... I don't guess I need to worry 'bout bein' shark bait, like him and his did, if I run out of gas from lack of dinero... somewhere on the ALCAN!

Hmmm... just had a thought... they've got big Bears up there... don't they?

Shark Bait... Bear Treat... don't suppose it makes a whole lotta difference... Do It? :o)

Oh well... it's the excitement of Runnin' Against the Wind that keeps a man young!

That new Lil' S8000 Nikon Coolpix camera is showin' to be a goodun' so far. It has a sensor in it that senses movement... so... when you're zippn' down the highway, and your other half sticks it out the window, to snap a pic of something flashin' by at 60 mph?... it sees the movement I guess, and speeds up the shutter... For a Clear Picture! Leastways, that's how I think the thing works... 'cause it's done pretty well on a couple of test pics we took...

Like this ranch gate at about 60 mph...

and then at the Dog trial last weekend... I zoomed in to catch this pair workin' some cattle...

Not bad for a lil' camera that drops right into a shirt pocket!... gonna work on the Motorcycle superb! so... If you're like me... and gettin' cranky luggin' around a bigger camera that just seems awkward sometimes... and you're NOT a pro needin' all those bells an' whistles... take a look at these lil' point and shoot rigs... like the Nikon S8000...

Technology... sometimes ya gotta just love it! Nikon Cameras, Ipods, Star Motorcycles, Droid Phones...

Aw hell... this Ol' Geezer's startin' to get pretty pathetic! :o) Next thing ya know... he'll be sittin' in the corner gigglin' and droolin' over his next "New" gadget! :o)

Take Good Care

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Shadowmoss said...

Just making that list is impressive. If you check off more than you now add to it before you leave you will be way ahead of me this summer.

Jeff & Lori said...

Well like I always used to tell my customers when I had alot of their ponies to shoe it sounds like you better quit the yammerin' and start the hammerin';) Jeff.