Thursday, May 20, 2010

Steamboat... and Points Beyond

55 degrees and overcast... but the Weatherman promised a good day... so, shortly, we'll strap our warbag on the Raider... climb on that Big Red, Road Burner, Cruiser Motorcycle and Tour the other side of the Mountains for the next couple of days...

Today, the 20th of May, two thousand an' Ten, is our 31st Anniversary... I'll let Heidi thank all the folks that carried her through the Tribulation last summer...

Me?... I've got Terry, Lacee, Evin, Maggie, Rachel, Mo (My Angel Army!) :o) How lucky can one man be... to have an Army of beautiful Angels carryin' him along... pretty dang Sweet!

...and... and Danny and Don... You guys too! :o) ... you all know just how Treasured you are to this Ol' Buster...

So, anyhoo... We're sort of plannin'... depending on the road... to roll up through Poudre Canyon, over Cameron and Rabbit Ears passes, to Steamboat; then turn south... to somewhere like Winter Park... and end up Friday night maybe back on this side in something like Central City or Blackhawk...

We've got to be within range of the Store so Heidi can get there by Noon on Saturday... The thing is... we generally set off with a rough plan... but don't know which way we'll end up goin'... till we look back and see where we went!

Hell... wouldn't surprise me to find ourselves clean out in Glenwood Canyon should I get some sort of a wild hair ticklin' my throttle hand! :o)

The posts for the next couple days... will likely be a lil' shorter... composed an' mailed from that fancy, hot shot Droid Smart phone of mine... uh... we'll see for sure now... how that'll work out! :o)

It's time!

Take Good Care

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Belva said...

Happy Anniversary to the cowboy and his sweetie. Enjoy. We celebrated our 55th yesterday after eight (if I can count) years on the road as fulltimers. Life just gets sweeter. Belva

Donna McNicol said...

Hope the weather cooperates and you get in some good riding to celebrate! Happy Anniversary! (Oh, and watch out for the tumbleweeds....hee-hee)

Don said...

Happy Anniversary and many more!