Sunday, May 2, 2010

A Day in the Life... of an RVer... without his Motorcycle!

While Heidi and Buck were doin' their Agility "Thing"... Me an Lily brushed up in the rig... where I punched buttons... working on my upcoming Western Fiction, Literary Masterpiece! Louis L'Amour watch out!

That work... I've been workin' on for some time... it got 'back burnered' a while back... 'things' just got in the way... but... it's back, front burner for a while... till she gets done!

I've cogitated on all the different ways to publish a book these days... and I've decided to go the electronic, ebook route... Rex Kusler, a reader here, put me on to an outfit that I'll be using... so... if ya'll have any interest in good Ol' Western Fiction... writ by a fella with the broke parts to certify his cowboy beginnings... stay tuned! The announcement of where you can acquire a copy of the, sure to be Nobel Prize winner, will be made right here!

Once Heidi and Buck got back, late in the afternoon, we climbed in the truck and headed up to Lookout Mtn Natural Area, west of Denver...

You get a pretty good view of Denver and the plains from up there... and it's a pleasant walk through the open pines... My only complaint would be... it's a lil' tough to get a 'good' picture... the area seems to be home to most of the television towers serving Denver... as well as quite a few people...

But you can't argue the Long Views...

Just down the hill from there is the Grave site of "Buffalo Bill" Cody... which, though we've lived along the front range, and have passed by heading west... for something like 22 summers... we'd never stopped in.

You know... when you consider all that fella did... ,that is verified, He sure adds up to a genuine Western Hero! :o)

How-some-ever... if your tastes run to investigating beverages... rather than grave markers... run down the twisty switchbacks below "Buffalo Bill" ... and you can take a tour of the Home of Coors Beer!

That's it... that collection of big buildings on the right side of the picture... from high above Golden, Colorado... We took a tour through there... nearly 30 years ago... kind of interesting to see how they produce all those hangovers! :o)

So... Heidi and Buck are back to there Agility today... and I got to get back to my "Authoring" duties... See ya'll next time!

Take Good Care

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