Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Lesson for me... About Getting Life Put into Perspective...

Just south of Estes Park... as you roll up the highway from Nederland... We passed there yesterday, is a place called St. Malo.

Now... I'm not what I call "Religious"... I'm one of those that sees such "Organized" doin's as another form of politics... but... I am what you might call a believer... and in possession of a Spiritual Faith...

So... when I see a place like this, it has a way of stirring some pretty strong feelings and thoughts... for a crusty Ol' geezer any way.

Then... when I get home, I find an email from a reader of my noise... her name is Colleen.

Want to talk about humbling?... Lordy... I've whined and groused 'bout the whuppin' Heidi and I have taken the past couple years... long time readers know of the "Tribulation" we fought through last summer... and continue to work our way through...

But... we're still making ends meet... though our income has been whacked hard... we have managed to get out from under some significant debts... without straight up "Losing" things... and we're making progress...

Hey... I've got that shiny Red Motorcycle to hang a grin on my face when I need one... and I've got a bunch of the best friends a man could be blessed with... so, poverty stricken we ain't...

Colleen and her Husband Wesley, The Crawfords... have seen the heartbreak of the past few years, up close and personal as well. Some harder than Heidi and I... I'm thinking... and they haven't quit either.

So... after all their difficulties, when Colleen writes to me and says;

"I'm finding a lot of joy reading your stories and learning from you about remodeling an RV. It makes me want to pick up writing in my blog again.  I started a homestead blog and got discouraged because I had dreams of acreage and a real home.  I quit writing, but I see how fun you've made your site, and I want to pursue the micro homestead plans again.

Thank you.  You're a blessing in tough times."

Wow... What can I say? It's truly kind of a scary thing though... to know that there are some folks that are looking to me a bit... Hoping to maybe find at least a lil' relief from some of the burden this world can hang on a person.

Really puts things in sharp perspective... Like a brick... layed firmly up along side my head! Makes me stop a lil' longer... with each word I write... thinking about how "Other" folks are going to hear what I'm saying... 

I thought, way back when I started this site, that the story telling and "Yarning"... might could be some fun... I never had any sort of an idea how much responsibility it can take on... That a lot of people were actually going to listen... and act, on anything I had to say; and That has been the unexpected reward. It's gained me a sense of inspiration and purpose that was maybe lacking a lil'...

Now... I just have to keep it from swellin' my punkin' any more!... I'm already wearin' the biggest helmet they make!

So, with the Boss watchin', to make sure I don't say something Too Mule Brained... even for a puss gut Ol' Buster...I'll keep on spinnin' my tales here... Hopeful that folks can either learn something useful, from the things I figure out... or... learn what Not to Do... from, the things I Don't Figure Out! :o)

... and I go along, knowin' that if I do start to wander off the trail a lil' too far... here and around me... there's a goodly number of people that are gonna start pokin' me to wake up and pay attention!

Take Good Care

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