Thursday, April 29, 2010

Springtime in the Rockies... for an RVing Biker... is Great... Until it SUCKS!

Yesterday it was 80 Cowboy Freaking degrees... Almost couldn't get my Raider to turn in to the parking lot... when I got to the day job... Gorgeous, Sunny day... a man should be splittin' the wind... or... splittin' firewood in a fine RV Boondocking camp...

... NOT... sellin' nuts an' bolts an plumbing parts... for "The Bosses"... who one time after another... show their complete and total lack of appreciation and loyalty... to the poor, workin' buggers... that are makin' them... the "Bosses"... richer ever' day!

... and that's the end of that lil' mini-tirade! :o)

So... back to Springtime in the Rockies...

80 yesterday... and THIS is what my Red Headed Raider looked like when I opened my eyes this morning!

It ain't right I tell you!... A fella shouldn't get teased by days like that! Me an' the Boss are gonna have to set down and have a discussion!

It's like... OK... pick a day... any day! THIS is now spring!... From this point till the next winter... the onliest thing gonna be fallin' out of the sky is rain... and airplanes!

Quit this sunburn on Wednesday... and frostbite on Thursday malarky!

The Boss and I are gonna have that confab... but... I'm not holdin' any high hopes he's gonna listen much to my complainin'... I've come to the conclusion... that though many folks think he's the fire and brimstone sort...

...I'm believin' he's more of a Robin Williams, jokester and prankster... can't you just hear his gigglin' in the Thunder? :o) Yes Sir! ... I'd have to say he's about LIVING! ... and havin' a good time on this Ride of Your Life...

... so... as soon as all that mud firms up... I'll knock the snow off Ol' Red... put my knees in the Wind! ... and giggle through the Thunder! :o)

... You know what? check out this Video for a bit of a pick me up to make it a better day!

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...

Hi Brian,
I really don't understand why you still work at the bolts and nuts store. More imp -- why you don't appreciate the fact that the "bosses" have put up their capital to buy and operate the business which provides you the chance to work and earn a few bucks? Look at it from their view -- they have to pay taxes, pay you when they may be aware your heart is not in your work -- and know they can never be sure when you will quit for your trip. Frankly, I sold my business to my son-in-law and he had an employee who was older and always talking to other workers as to why he just might quit. My s-i-law decided to sell-off the part of the bsns that the employee was in charge of--- and when the employee came in one day he was told that due to the uncertainty of his desire to work that he no longer had a job -- and that "his area" of the business was no longer part of the company...
now the guy is looking for part-time work.

As a former sm bsns owner my view is that too few employees understand the owners' side and cause their own problems by not being a team player.

On the other hand -- I was once let go from a larger bsns about 4 yrs after I talked "union" on the bsns. So I know both sides.

I'll bet your life would be better if you had a small smile on your face while you worked at the store.

Sharlotte said...

Hey Brian,
Now you had to go and make me cry with that beautiful video. There are so many wonderful places to see here in our wonderful United States that I wonder why people would want to go somewhere else.
I am on your side with the job. You just keep doing what you have been doing. Complain if you want to. I think your complaining has more to do with the fact that you are there than with dissatisfaction with the job. EVERYONE who works complains about having to be there instead of at the beach, or at the mountains, etc. The bosses should be glad that they have a worker who is crazy enough to ride a motorcycle in snow to come and sell their nuts and bolts. As a matter of fact, I think you deserve a raise!!!