Saturday, April 17, 2010

A Grey Day Tryin' to Raise Some Ambition...

So I'll start it off with a lil' bit of Rambling...

I'm waitin' on the back seat of the Raider to be finished... with a lil' luck and no major snafus... it should be next week... Got there early but it took a lot longer than I'd figured... what can I say... once you get to schemin' on customizing a bike... you can get lost in it! :o)

Ended up having to run and get a Yamaha Backrest. (Luckily a local dealer had one in stock) The system the seat shop designed won't work very well on the Yamaha Raider seat pan... Oh Well...

... and you know me... do one thing... and it opens the door to four more ideas... Started out just the passenger seat... became adding the Yamaha backrest... and now is including, eventually the drivers seat... :o)

Before I can do the drivers seat, I have to swap out the handlebars, so I know just where I'm gonna be sitting!

It's gonna be tough... having to ride around on a custom Raider Motorcycle!

Having other issues too... some girl hollered at me as I was turning into a parking lot; "OOOOOWHEE! Nice Bike!" ... uh... don't know if it's me makin' that big red, two wheeler look good... or the bike makin' me look even more Heroric than I usually do! :o) but it's gettin' my head to swellin' some!

Oh well... just have to learn to live with it I guess.

On other news... I've gotten several emails this past week... people planning to Drop out of Society (I translate that into; "Climb off the Treadmill"), move into an RV... and go to Livin' ... rather than the just continuing to slave away, Status Quo ...

For me... that ambition is a good thing! But then, they're wanting to know, just which rig they should buy...

Whew!... How long is a piece of string?

I really haven't a clue which type of rig is best for anyone but me... and I'm fickle on that! Some days I even think just a tent and my Motorcycle would be best. :o) It sure works for Ara and Spirit.

I think of Class A's... Class C's... Pickups and Pull trailers... and always seem to settle back on our Ol' Reliable Jayco Fiver...

The thing is... each Rover... has to weigh all the things they want, or need, that rig to do... Things I may need are going to be useless to others... things I'd sacrifice, to make room for my Motorcycle(s)... are going to be absolute requirements for Molly Sue and her four Pekineses! :o)

Another often asked question, is about quality... that there is a toughie... There is a wide range of quality... but even the best makers screw up here and there... and to some degree... You get what you pay for... and what you can afford.

Our nine year Old, Jayco Eagle, is a far cry from Top-O-the-Heap. Kind of mid-range I'd guess... but, it's what we could/can afford... and you know what?... She does the Job! I've had to fix and redo a few things... but, that goes with the territory... you learn what you have to... do the best you can... and move on down the road... just don't waste too much time worryin' 'bout it.

... which brings me to where a lot of those questions really come from... I think...

I accept that a lot of folks aren't used to making a lot of decisions... Let's face it...This society has been twisted around so much, that a lot of folks have been conditioned to spend most of their lives, doing what they're told to do.

Actually stepping out, taking control, making those decisions... and breathing in True Freedom, is a new thing for 'em... and it can be a lil' intimidating... Thing is... the more you do it... the sweeter it becomes, and the better you get at it.

Enough gas for one day...

Take Good Care

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Merikay said...

Perhaps those of us who are "rig-less" have a certain amount of fear that we will make the wrong decision and get Stuck! Funny how we won't take advice on so many things, and yet constantly ask advice on others.

For me it is a mater of waiting for the right time (Financial considerations must be considered) and the desires of my partner (husband.) I'm not doing this alone. Any advice from successful outsides is welcome. But we know ultimately the decision is ours to make.

Brian said...

Merikay... Yes Ma'am :o) just don't fear the decisions so much, that you don't make 'em... or you end up just as stuck! and remember... mistakes are just a person gaining wisdom! :o)

I just wish wisdom weren't so dang expensive.

I didn't and don't mean, that folks should not ask for advice... just that it should be seen as information, to add to the pile, from which to pull the parts of a solution that work for them... and not... "This is the way you have to do it"

I also... 100% understand the consideration for the desires of other people... and sometimes that can be like pushing a rope...

It would sure be nice if it was easy... but then... things that have been easy for me... never had much value.