Wednesday, March 10, 2010

An'... Yet a Lil' bit More of the RV Remodel Gets Done...

Got one more small  part of our RV Remodel done this afternoon after Slick hauled me Home... rollin' through a lil' squall of snow... Folks gawkin' at the "Crazy fool" on the Motorcycle in the Snow! Hee Hee... I Love it! :o)

Home... I'd gone to refusing to call the Old House, or hearing it called... "Home"... To me it was just; "the House"

... Now, I come HOME! The only Home I want these days... Our Eagle... 250 sq feet of Heaven on Wheels, with 245 or so Cummins Horses sittin' in front of it! :o) Suh-Wheet!

So... I got home and went to wiring!

Took the old fixture off the wall beside the couch... wire nutted the wires, taped 'em up too, and tucked 'em in... Then covered the hole with a plaque I've had for some time... been on the Eagle's walls before! "Genuine Antique Cowboy"

You can see the Old fixture between the windows in this "Before the Remodel" picture..

Down below that fixture is that junction box I pictured in the Remodel pages.

All I had to do was cut the plug off Heidi's favorite lamp... splice it into a couple of the 12V wires running through that box and Wa La! 12V Lamp!...

We picked this lamp up on a trip through the Couer d' lene area of Idaho, back when we were building the house... Created of stones and patina'd copper tube, by an Idaho Artist... Now, it's part of our Jayco Eagle HOME!

ya'll can do the same thing... with a 'special' lamp you find... easy thing to convert 'em to 12 volt!

Uh... forgot somethin' didn't I? ... First... I had to pick up a regular, standard base bulb in the RV 12 volt variety at Home Depot, to replace the old 120 volt bulb... a 120 volt bulb just ain't gonna work too well powered by just 12 volts :o) ... I suppose it'd glow a bit... kind of like a weak night light...

anyhoo... startin' to look... and feel... like HOME... and it's for sure and for certain that, Heidi and I are truly findin' that, "More Harmonious Outcome" I've been huntin' for so long!

Well I gotta run... the 'New Truck' has an appointment to get some tie rod ends inspected for some special attention... which he needs 'fore he can get his new Tires...


Callin that good white Dodge "the New Truck" is pretty sterile an' anonymous ain't it? ... gonna have to come up with his name... It just ain't come to me yet... The Great White Hope? :o) but "Hope" don't sound too masculine... Do it?

Hmmm... I'll do some cogitatin' on it... He needs something with the sound of Dreams an' Rebirth... Second Chances... and the Pure, Unadulterated, Double Rectified, Joy of Livin'! :o)

Hmmm... How about... The Boss! :o)

Take Good Care

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Sharlotte - Campmacon said...

Love the pictures of the inside. Doing a great job on remodeling. As far as the truck goes, how about "Snowblower" because it is blowing you right along out of all that snow and to warmer climates in the winter. LOL
Keep the pictures coming, how about some of what you see outside of your window. Looks like it is pretty baren huh?

Chris said...

Your 5th wheel is really looking good.
I like the lamp. It's reminiscent of Lucy and Ricky's movie "The Long Long Trailer" where Lucy collected rocks from everywhere they stopped.

Anonymous said...

How about Boss Hoss for the Dodge??