Friday, February 19, 2010

Why Me?

Are you one of the one's that thinks you've gotten a "Raw Deal"? The whole dang world seems like it's out to "Get" you?

Me too! The whole of Creation is bein' mean to me!

Three years ago... we had a house on the market... worth $100,000 more than now... We had a shiny Big Red truck... a store making probably 25% more than it is today... and a Dream... a Dream of a better life...

Things were looking fine...

and then... our life slowly started coming apart...

over those last few years it all came crashing down... bits and pieces got consumed... Our fall accelerated until last spring... I pretty much imploded from all that and 'other' stuff I'd been carrying around for too long... It all landed on me so hard I pretty nearly... went under...

The world was bein' purty darn cruel to me... Boo Hoo... Why Me?

... Or ...

Was my perception of what'd been happening all wrong?

Is the Truth maybe... that I have been, just a little, and foolishly... Hypocritical?

What a Fool I was...

I talk, and write, about not being focused on things and possessions... but rather, on those closest to us and philosophy.

But, what have I been doing?... Yup... That's right... wasting too many good years, and waaaaay to much LIFE... defending *THINGS* not truly worthy of defense!

Worryin' about THINGS!

Talk about Talkin' the Talk... and Walkin'... uh ... somewhere else!

Hell... If we'd just walked out the door, drove away... and never looked back, three years ago... as far as dollars are concerned... we'd be ahead right now! :o) so... all that time and tears foolishly invested in that 'defense' was... NOT invested, but simply more GOOD LIFE poured down a hole... after previously Wasted GOOD LIFE!

and Why?.. 'cause the world is picking on me? 'cause ever'body's bein' mean to me?

... How about... 'cause it was the only way for LIFE to get it's point thumped through that thick skull I walk around with under my hat!

... and some might want to spell LIFE... The BOSS :o) ... though others use other names...

But the fact is... for me to get to where I am right here today... the difficulty I've rode through was required. I never could have gained the perspective I have now... without the "Class Time" the Boss has given me these past years... geeze... talk 'bout slow learners!


Am I worse off than I was three years ago?

If an accountant penciled it out on paper, he'd sure as the Devil say I was... and he'd be 100%... 180 degrees... absolutely, Chrome plated... WRONG!

'Cause sayin' that me havin' less money, is makin' me worse off, is like sayin' if I have less Bacteria... I'm less healthy! :o)

Fact is... I've NEVER been Stronger in my whole Wandering Life! Stronger in the things that count.

Those things that are truly important are as clear to me now as the booming of Thunder in the Rockies in a summer storm

They sparkle like the High Mountain air at sunrise.. like the Gros Vente River in Wyoming... The awesome spiritual feast you get when you sit for a while on the Rim of the Grand Canyon...

You know what I'm talkin' 'bout... It's that feeling you get when your best friend that you haven't seen in weeks, walks into a room... when you wake in the middle of the night and the only thing you can hear is the breathing of your wife beside you...

Now... other things don't change... and Never Will...

... The System continues to try and whup me... What's new? It always has... it always will... THAT is what it does... Ticks parasitize their hosts and our wonderful 'system' leaches off us... It is what it is.

Few days seem to go by without some sort of slap from a cannibalistic 'system'...

A Tick bites me... I pluck that sucker off...

The problem for the 'system' is... I SEE IT bitin' me! Its' slaps have little force with me any more... ans I find it ever easier to deflect the slaps. When I find something it uses for a stick to whup me with... I find a way for ME to either take control of that 'something'... or I cut it loose.

Once you realize that most ever'thing that "Big Tick" is trying to hook you with has little intrinsic value... and none of it is worth losin' a moments sleep over... The 'System' finds it a pretty tough sell to get you to suffer along to defend it! :o)

Look around... if that THING ain't servin' you... then YOU are SERVING IT! ...

Don't know 'bout you... but bein' subservient to what should be a tool... is NOT my Idea of Freedom, or Joy... and sure as Hell is Hot... It ain't... SHINING TIMES!

You get to that point and the calm is pretty rewarding... I just don't get cranked up over things I can't control any more... Mostly I just shrug and grin... give a lil' wave and say... "So Long Sparky!"

What I, truly, clearly, understand now... is that THINGS are only tools to build Dreams with... easily replaceable at the worst ... or pretty easy to simply do without if necessary...

If you can't climb over the mountain... you can tunnel under... walk around... or hop a ride on a bus!

There's no shortage of ways to get where you're goin'... and I've heard it said several ways in just the last few days...

... "The destination doesn't matter much... it's the Journey that counts."

... and just this Morning... Tiger woods said what he'd been taught... "It's not what you achieve in life that counts... it's what you over come."

Now... for sure and for certain... The wounds Tiger inflicted on himself are vastly bigger than anything this Ol' Cowboy has done to himself...

and you know what? If he can stand up in front of the world and say; I and no one else, is responsible for my own life, and my own mistakes, so can I ... and so can YOU!

What's all this wind about today?

Lately, I've heard too many people sayin' they'd have to give it up... put their Dreams on hold... "Till times are better." That they'd been knocked down too hard to get back up...

THAT is what the GOL DANG system is shootin' for! It wants you to quit... to give up... to bamboozle you into bein' an obedient servant... SERVING IT...


That is willingly putting the power over your life, in someone elses's hands... to say "someone else" knocked you down is to say; "I Don't own my own life... I don't control my own life." ... and that is just wrong... maybe it's hard nosed but, we make our own beds...

If someone puts us on the ground... it's 'cause WE gave 'em the club to hit us with... to beat us into quittin'. It's up to us to make a fresh "bed" with Clean Sheets! ... only this time... make that bed with sheets... YOU OWN.

Learn from what you did wrong the first... or second... or third time around... If it didn't work the first two or three times, wanna take bets on how likely success with the same method is gonna be this time? :o)

Quit listening to the 'system' and start listening to your own heart... your own instincts... and just 'cause somebody else wouldn't do things "That Way"... why should that have anything to do with what YOU would do?

Just look at 'em and say; "Damn! That's exactly what I thought when I looked at YOUR life!" :o)

I say... YOU are a lot greater asset, to the planet, to society... to the Boss... and to YOURSELF... as a joy filled, creative, Dreamer... Serving Yourself! ... than you'll ever be as an obedient servant.

Take Good Care

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Ken and Nanette said...

Whats to add to that?

Amen -- Brian!

Thing is for some -- it takes time to make the change on how you are going to live -- in your mind and physically.

One thing is for sure -- nobody is ever going to change anything if they don't keep fighting for what they want (the dream).

Some days are harder than others -- there is always that draw to just go back to the old way but these days -- the old -- is terminal as far as happiness goes.

So we just have to keep taking the hits -- they will come -- that is life -- but always at the end of the day we must make sure we end up one step closer to living our life on our terms.

For us -- this old world isn't going to invent our future for us anymore.

Ken and Nanette

Brian said...

'zactly! :o) Makin' the change from the 'Old' ways to the RIGHT way takes some doin'! Took a long time to build the cage around us... it'll take a while to tear that sucker down... but first... ya gotta start!

And each day that passes... you see fewer an' fewer of those damnable 'bars' blockin' the view.

Sweet! :o)

Anonymous said...

One of the best posts that I have ever read-everywhere. You have more guts than 90% of the readers . Thank you for being you. Ed

Sharlotte Cain said...

Whoo Weeee you tell them Brian. As we are both retired now, I too am looking at the past and have to stop myself from letting the past get me down, I try to look at the many blessings we have had over the years and the many blessings we are looking forward to in the future.
Am including a new pic of Jim and I so tht you will know who we are when we walk up to you and Heidi some day out on the road.
Sharlotte and Jim Cain (campmacon)