Saturday, February 13, 2010

Selling the House is getting Close to Closing

We're back... don't wanna be... but here I are! :-)

We decided to not stretch this years Arizona Trip, thinkin' we'd better give ourselves a few extra days to prepare our 'situation' for the coming House Closing.

There's not near as much to do as for most folks I guess... We did that, three summers ago! Lordy, has it been that long? Time flies... when you're looking Back on a time of waiting! :-)

It seemed so long looking forward and still, like it was yesterday... kinda weird...

We've got a few pieces of used furniture to re-divest. The stuff we put in so we could live in the house again, when we had to move back in... Those I should have on Craigs list this weekend...

Most of our 'keeper junk'... the stuff we/she just can't part with... has mostly been repacked into some cheap plastic totes Heidi picked up on sale just after Christmas... that has to go to a small storage space, yet to be rented...

One thing is... that pile is a lot smaller than it was three summers ago... we whittled it down even more!

There's still some work to do on the rig... the finishing of the transition and base moulding on the floor... a few other things... and then repacking our Living Stuff into it.(The balance of the RV Remodel is gonna have to be done a lil' at a time... as we live in it again)

Heidi asked me last night; "Was I getting even a little excited?" ... and I replied; "Not Really"...

I guess, I just don't trust it yet... been here before... Twice! :-)

That and, we can't just take off immediately and leave... There's gonna be a few months of re-construction and re-organization; We've got some 'Financial Repairs' to do that are a consequence of the last three years, and the disappearance of most of the equity value in the house ... I got bucked off again! :-) and I'm juuuuuust a lil' slower climbin' back on these days...

Buuuuuut... I'm too dumb to do anything else... So I keep on gettin' up, dustin' off my jeans... and steppin' aboard... one more time.

Some of what's happened was my fault, some was beyond my control... Most, a mixture of the two... Criminee! I thought by the time I'd gotten this old I'd know purty much ever'thing I'd need to know to be the Heroric Figure of a Man I am! :-) How come nobody ever told me that I'd need to keep on learnin'... ever day of my life? :-)

I'm workin' at reshaping the way I live... to remove as much of me, as much of US, as I can... from anything that someone else controls... The less leverage the 'system' has on US... the less control it can impose... Hmmm... sounds kinda like a definition... of sorts... of Freedom and Liberty... Don't it? :-)

Works for ME!

With the house gone... the reduction in our subsistence living expenses is so huge that it'll make those days of re-construction and re-organization Shining Times.

We'll go from a pretty hand to mouth situation, to a strongly positive place... Considering the ordeal that so many are fighting these days... Heidi and I are close to Shining Times! :-)

Our direction will finally be, Moving Forward... instead of Marking Time... It's a real Morale Booster when you can feel the wind in your face, 'cause you're making progress... instead of the wind that's holding you back... Suh-Weet!

One thing I know... we'll get there... and come the spring we'll start rollin' on some circles... if our luck holds... and my judgment don't fail me again :-) those circles will grow wider and longer.

Take Good Care

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Freely Living Life said...

"I'm workin' at reshaping the way I live... to remove as much of me, as much of US, as I can... from anything that someone else controls."

Yes, yes, yes!! You've nailed it Brian! We are very excited for you even though you may still be a bit leery of the situation (understandably so). Everything is going to go smooth from here on in. Just flow with it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Brian...They will still control you at the fuel pumps BUT you will decide when its time to get some!! Hee he. Bob

Ken and Nanette said...

If you are like us -- we didn't get into letting others have a hold on us overnight.

It creeped in over the years.

But there isn't a better feeling than the day you know you are living life on your own terms.

Hang in there Brian -- where you are headed is just over the little ridge you see right in front of you.

Brian said...

Freely Living, Bob, Ken and Nanette;

Many Thanks!

The support of folks like you is a Humongous help as we 'Fight the Good Fight'...

I know that we can't truly escape to Nirvana... there's always gonna be 'things' we have to Deal with... How-some-ever... I know, for sure and for certain...

There is a finer way to live than the 'accepted' way we've been taught... Yours Truly has lived it before... He just foolishly, let it slip through his fingers...

and this Ol' Buster intends to Regain that way...

I'm hopin' that the quiet ones... who read here and don't say anything... and are most welcome... will read what we do... along with your input as well... and use it to support THEIR Own Dreams of a Better Life...

That would Truly Be Fine

Again... Many Thanks

Sharlotte Cain said...

Hey Brian,
I am so excited for you and Heidi. Hoping everything continues to fall right for you.
My husband, Jim retired last Thursday. Now got to find that man something to do!!!
We will do our first Trip of our retirement in May when we load up Tag a Long and Topaz and head to Ohio for a dream of mine to see the Warbler migration. Wish us luck. Then it is back home and three weeks later I wave good bye to my newly married daughter and son in law as they begin on the journey of their lives when he gets his orders for Seattle, Washington. Then I guess I will be spending time planning our first trip out there to visit with them in the spring. Busy busy busy, but never too busy to keep up with you , my friend.

Brian said...

Awe Sharlotte, you won't be needin' any luck... the Boss'll smile on you guys for sure...

Say hello to a Warbler for me!

... and you ain't sayin' goodbye... just; "Later!" :-)

They're goin' to Seattle? Fort Lewis? If so... that's where this Ol' Buster took his, First, basic training... pretty country... ya just have to get adjusted to the wet! :-)

My second basic Training, slow learners who stay out too long have to start over! :-), was Fort Sill down in Oklahoma... 'bout 11 years later!

Sharlotte Cain said...

Rob is assigned to the Polar Star (in dry dock). He is in the Coast Guard (spent 4 years in the Marines in Aftganistan.) Came home and rejoined, but to the Coast Guard. It is so funny, But if there is a disturbance "up North" then there is a chance that he may have to go out on the ship which is the largest ice cutter the Coast Guard has and it goes to the NORTH POLE!! I told him he could take Santa my list for the next year. LOL Am I being a bad "mother-in-law?" I thought it was histerical. Even my daughter thought it was funny.