Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Our "Great American Road Trip" Starts tonight

Not much time this morning... Gotta finish gettin' my gear together before I have to go do my day at the Hardware store... Heidi will pick me up at 6... and we'll head south from there...

We'll be rollin' in a Chevy HHR... and I'm a lil' surprised... I haven't been a GM fan in quite a while... maybe I need to 'open' my mind a mite? :-)

Drove it home last night... Kind of a 'Retro' design... I suppose knockin' off the PT Cruiser... which I have never liked... they always looked kinda cramped to me...

This'un... the Chevy... seemed pretty comfortable for that short 20 mile ride... and it sure don't seem to be lacking in git up and rattle... but then it gets good economy too... at least according to the 'driver information center' ! ...

Which was a bit of a difficulty... Uh... Do you read French?... Yeah... me neither! :-) I hit the buttons wrong tryin' to figure the danged thing out... and had it readin' off all its' info in Frenchy... Sacre Bleu!

... uh... whatever the heck that means! :-)

One of the first things that struck me was how good a lil' Toad it would make... assuming it could be drug around 4 wheels down... I might have to investigate that a mite... and hey! I need to cork my pie hole now... This would be something to fill up the first "Real" post in the changed over "News & Reviews" page! :-)

Anyhoo... I'm lookin' forward to some miles the next few days... even if it is in a car... not an RV or a Fine Motorcycle! ... so... since I am planning on recreatin' for the next week... plus... I'm gonna just consider that lil' Fire Engine Red Chevy HHR to be our Recreational Vee-Hickle!

Tonight... I get to find out juuuust how tough the Ol' Twisted up Geezer still is... and see how many miles he can make in a lil' red Hot Rod with his I-pod singin' and the wind splittin'... whistlin' from coffee stop to coffee stop... before he says... "aw crap... I'm rentin' a room!"

... anybody takin bets on whether I can make it as far as my 19 year ol' self? :-)

Yes Sir... a road trip of ANY sort is... Shinin' Times!

Take Good Care

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Barry and Linda said...

Love the new Blog page. A great addition to already wonderful website.

Sometimes I wonder if I'm gettin' old or maybe I've just been in the water too long.

Anonymous said...


According to my 2010 Motorhome Guide to Dinghy Towing the HHR is towable 4 down with automatic or stick. You'll have to keep it under 65 mph and remove fuse 8 from the Floor Counsole Fuse Block while towing. Have a safe and enjoyable trip.