Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sometimes Being Scattered Is A Good Thing

With the bike parked waiting for parts and my itchy, restless brain too fidgety to sit at the table trying to write, I found it was a benefit to have all the miscellaneous irons in the fire I generally keep cluttering things up with.

 I took a piece off the back burner... went back to work on the lying press I started  a while back. Need it for journal binding.

Mortised in the holes to slide some $8 Harbor Freight bar clamps through. A couple more bits of finishing to do and I'll have a finished and functioning lying press for my leather shop/book binding work...

... which development of the restart is coming along very slowly... scattered irons in the fire... remember? :)

 Besides the perennial hunt for that folding green type capital... there's that caadd syndrome I gotta deal with...

Don't know what Caadd is? Cowboy aggravated attention deficit disorder...

Yeah, running from truck repair to grass mowing, to un-finished irrigation system remodel, to bike repair... and remodel, to zoos and graduations in another town... just riding the twisties to clear my fuzzy brain... I have some difficulty keeping track of where I am... not to mention WHO!

But another day... another opportunity at confusion!

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