Sunday, October 27, 2013

Loading Again...

The new tires are on. 66,900 miles on the old set of Hankook tires. I could have squeezed out a full 70,000 and more if my ambition was sufficient. Not too shabby for a hard used, not diligently maintained set on a dually weighing out at 18,000 lbs gcvw with the rig on give or take.

When you consider the heavy duty four wheeling that was included in those miles, it's pretty amazing really.

I fully believe, had I taken better care of 'em, those tires rated for 50,000 would have gone 80,000 reliably. 

Kind of tells you the benefit of "upgrading" to the 10 ply rated tires don't it.

The electric issue has gone "dormant"... so what I can't find I can't fix... and I've got little interest in throwing what few dollars we've got at problems... hoping to hit the right part. Soooo... I guess that gets left alone until it decides to show it's face again.

I tried the suggestion of bringing a code up with the odometer routine... except the odometer I've got ain't the correct sort. I believe Mike means that black letter digital sort...and this'un here is the lil' green "neon light" kind... High tech mechanical terminology there you know?

But, the batteries are holding their voltage, so I just can't see replacing them when they still get the job done, and me not Knowing for sure and for certain that they're even where the problem lives.

Anyhoo... I'll put the bike back on the truck this afternoon and start getting ready to pull the fiver off of Northglenn's sidewalk and begin the trek south to Avondale.

Looks like Wednesday or so we'll fire up the Cummins and start moving on farther south.

Trinidad, Raton Pass, Santa Fe and then we'll have to start making a decision... on down to Soccorro and cut west again through Springerville and across the Mogollon?

or... West at Albuquerque to Flagstaff and then turn south to Avondale... keeping to the big road...  I kinda lean toward Soccoro... but only time can tell.

Movin' On


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure you can do the code thing with the older analog gauges with the digital green odometer. I could in my 2005 anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like things came together quicker than you had thought. Good deal. Will be interested in which route you choose...
Safe travels.

Brian said...

Flyfish; I tried the run/off sequencing of the ignition... a couple of different ways... was supposed to come up on the odometer? nada... so I'll just roll until it makes it clear, or my mechanicing ambition grows ;)

Turnwhentheroaddoes; yeah, the tires that were supposed to be in Monday were there friday. It'll let us leave with a bit more time to allow a bit slower run...

Unknown said...

Howdy Mr. Gore, NDR;

The question we all want an answer to is how did Heidi like the Beet Harvest and would she do it again? It's a safe bet that you would do it again since you spent most of your time sitting on your keester in a dry heated Bobcat cab listening to tunes. Heidi did the real work, out in the weather and always on her feet. So, we all want to know Heidi's view of the Great Beet Harvest.