Sunday, January 27, 2013

There's No Desert Dust Botherin' Anybody 'round Here!

 ***edit. Didn't get this posted till Sunday night because it somehow didn't post and I didn't catch it till then! ;) weirdness in the desert.***

Give this desert another week and there should be some green and maybe even some seldom seen flowers poppin'.

I'd left the awning up for the sake of soakin' up the desert sun since the days haven't been over warm. When I saw the clouds darkening up, and with the forecast saying pretty much ~ it is gonna rain ~ I decided it'd be nice to have a dry spot beside the rig so I stretched it out Friday at noon time. Got the tie down straps pegged in place and my butt in a chair in the shade just in time.

It started drippin' shortly before suppertime Friday and didn't stop until mid afternoon Saturday. 18 hours or better of nearly constant, soft, soaking rain.

There's pools of water in rock pockets up and down all the lil' washes and gullies. You even have to watch your step here and there where over the eons a bit of softer sediment has built up in some spot along the shoulder of a slope or at the bottom. Those spots where some depth could be built up are soft! ;)

My sister and brother-in-law stopped and laid up with us for a couple days on their way back to the valley of the sun. They pulled out in the rain long about thirteen hundred I guess it was... That's 1 p.m. for you civilian sorts.

We had to wait for three or four more hours for the rain to stop and then some time for things to firm up enough to get out and get some fresh air. Finally got to stretch my legs just before sunset.

You can only play cards cooped up inside for so long after being cooped up inside for a week of wiggly quivers. We weren't the only ones enjoying stretching our legs and our lungs out in the open air...

As we crossed over the ridge west of camp to cross over coming home to supper... the sun made for a soft glow from everything.

The quiet is returning to the desert after the "Big Show"... the hordes are depleted. Most returned to whatever they allow to hold them down in the settlements.

As tough as it can get out here, when resources are low and the wind is high; I can't conceive of the day when this would roll inferior to town. 



Tom Williams said...

Nice photos and lyrical writing as usual. I will have to go back into the older posts and get caught up. Haven't visit your blog for more than a month now, which is too long. I so enjoy the conversational way that you right. Since we've been "Winter Texans" this year I've met some west Texas folks who speak like you write. So, I now have a voice to hear when I read what you've writ.

bill said...

The desert is beautiful after a good rain and the flowers start blooming.
Actually it is beautiful anytime,

===Fred=== said...

It was with the ad I complained about the other day.
thanks for all the good will(stuff) you send to us, pictures and conversations, I mean.

Don said...

Very nice post. The desert does have a wonderful and very distinctive smell when it is raining. Sitting under the awning and enjoying it sounds fantastic!