Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving with New Friends and a Return to Normal Scheming

Had a pretty quiet Thanksgiving yesterday. Lazed 'round all morning... thinking we should get up and do something... but it didn't happen.

Finally did have to get moving though as Judy, a neighbor from across the desert a lil' ways, was scheduled to arrive about 1 in the afternoon with Cisco to share our Thanksgiving turkey... that tasted a lot like Chicken! ;)

If you look under the table you'll find...

Nigh on to two hundred pounds of dogs layin' about... waiting on somebody to get sloppy and drop 'em a tid bit! ;)

BBQ Chicken, stove top stuffing, veggies mashed potatoes and Punkin' Pie... washed down by Jack Daniels Down home punch, Raspberry Lemondade and/or Fosters Beer... depending on your taste.

Not so much the traditional meal... but Kickin' back on the desert, it works! :) Was a pretty fine, lazy, relaxing day...

... which always gives my schemin' parts the opening to take off a runnin'! ;)

Spent the evening of a lazy holiday penciling out a fresh set of To Do lists for the coming winter and year.

Uh Oh... What did I say just recently 'bout planning too much? :)

Today I'm workin' one part of part of one of those Lists... which is stringin' more words together on the manuscript for the working title; "Tears of the Hunter". That'll be book #2 in the Ben Jensen series after the Opening story; A Pair of Second Chances. (which I happen to think is my Best Story so far) I done fell behind on that project for sure! ;)

Other 'projects in the works' that might come of interest to RV Wanderers is designing and building a Camp Desk, (all by hand tool in camp) and for those into doing the craft of Leather work in camp, a modification of the Camp Desk design that shapes it into what I believe will be a very handy and portable Camp Leather Working Bench!

I've been wanting a convenient and workable lil' desk to set under the awning for some time. I just haven't liked what I'd seen or thought up... until this morning! I stumbled on the core of the idea that just clicked! Suh-wheet!

In fact, if the design I've found and am tinkering with works out the way I think it will, a clever and handy person should be able to take the design and modify it to fit just about any small activity they might want. From simple writing and journaling to Jewelry Craft? Whittling/Carving? Fly Tying?  Scrapbooking? even as a compact workspace for creating one-off journals from scratch ~ In camp! The list seems pretty endless to me... so check back to see how it turns out... eventually!

Those two I want to build, writing desk and leather desk, are modifications of a camp desk I found doing a lil' bit of surfing on the net. I was scouting about for some creative inspiration for just those two needs. Of course, since I can't leave anything just the way it is... I've got a couple lil' tweaks of my own I'm drawing up... now all I got to do is find a source of materials layin' out here in the middle-of-nowhere desert... and start hand cutting wood! :) ... uh ... don't hold your breath... it could be a few weeks! :)

Kinda nice, to be honest, to get back to my usual scheming about "other" things, now that the decision to just squeeze all the life there is, out of This Old Rig.

'course... that leaves one thing wide open; Where in tarnashun am I gonna pack these two "Portable" desks I wanna build... in this Crowded Old Rig? ;) ... Guess I could tie 'em to the roof! ... hmmmm...

What's life without challenges, right?

Well... Ben has got hisself into a mite of difficulty... so I'd better go see if I can bail him out, one more time! ;)

Tap Tap Tappin' as Always

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