Saturday, March 31, 2012

Rollin' On Down the Road

Up above Bumble Bee, north of Phoenix the altitude rises and three National Forests come together. The Prescott, Kaibab and Tonto National Forests.

Two others, the Coconino and Apache-Sitgreaves Forests are right close by.

I don't know how many million acres are in there, but it's enough room for me. Tomorrow morning I'll be waking up with this old RV boondocked back in some spirit Freeing country.

One thing I'm gonna be workin' on is putting a bit better control on my "need" for cell signal. That there is a delicate balance. If I whup on it too mercilessly, I don't eat! ;)

If I let the need for an internet connection have total control of where I wander... I'll have only traded one ruthless master for another... And kept myself from too many fine camps.

So... Not knowing what lies ahead, or how quick and easy I can tell you about it... I'm stepping off with the intention of following my nose and my heart down whatever trail they choose.

Writing the story 'bout the wheres and why-fors might could take this RV Boondocker a day or so to find his way to the net... We shall see.

So... One more time we move along. One more time, goin' down a long lonesome highway, bound for no-one knows where. :)

Just Blowin' in the Wind

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