Friday, March 23, 2012

A New Track Star At The Good Sam Rally at Phoenix International Speedway

I don't know how many rigs are parked here... but from what I could see up on the hill when I was fueling my tram, there's more than the last couple of races. I know they had 3300+ pre registered... I'd guess there's over 4,000...

And I gotta tell ya... today... driving a Tram from 0800 to  2100... makes for a loooooong bit of sunlight!

At the NASCAR races... you get a couple of hard rushes but the rest of the day is generally pretty laid back... this here was like we were running a daylong sprint... folks just kept coming at us, all day long... Never let up. Whew! I'm a weary pup this evening...

So... while I'm out hauling Rally folks to the infield for the nights entertainment... Miss Heidi... unknown to me is playin around... Inside the track... and ON the track!

Yeah, since she got upgraded to tram driver the last time we were here her head is swelling some little bit.

So... she managed to put herself in the right place at the right time and got picked to drive for some part of the nights entertainment! She was hauling the possee of Good Sam Directors or some such... as part of some skit they were putting on...

The photographic record came from her cell phone camera...

She started out hurtling her tram around a turn...

*Heidi's Drivers Eye view of the PIR Track*
... and down the straightaway...

At the blinding, asphalt burning speed of ... fifteen miles an hour! :)

coming out of the turn into that straightaway I'm betting Earnhardt Jr. NEVER had to dodge horses!!!

or Folks walking down the track! :)

*Hurtling down the wall in a Tram at PIR!*

 That's right... it takes a special skill to be a NASCAR Tram driver!

Those folks in the Good Sam Club knew what they were doin' when they hired the PIR Tram Drivers! ;)

So... a one mile track and she made something over two laps in a tram! :)

How many folks do you know ever got a drivers eye view of the fans in the stands at a NASCAR Track?

*Good Sam Rally folks in the PIR Grandstands*

... and... according to her... It's a dang sight harder to keep a tram screamin' along at 15 mph from fallin' off the banking than it is a race car goin' a hundred and eighty! :)

Well that's the big news from The Good Sam Rally... But I need to hit the rack... another 13 hour day starts in the morning... and do my a favor... don't say nuthin' to her... she already thinks she's some sort of Tram Drivin' Prima Donna ;)

Spinnin' Tires At PIR... Again!


Teri said...

Good job, Heidi!

Teri said...
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Janna and Mike said...

Are we a bit jealous Brian?? :))