Monday, March 26, 2012

I Think I Fried My Brain! Or At the Least Stripped a Gear or Three

ZZZzppppTTTTfffffTTTT!.... CLUNK!  :)

Ah.... yup... 55 hours in four days... 14+- hour days... no lunch... two breaks... One of 9 minutes and the other about 15... I think I smell smoke! :)

We'll be pulling out of the track sometime this morning, heading for parts as yet unknown. Can't seem to get enough brain cells workin' to make a decision! :) I'm suckin' down a fresh pot of coffee, but it may take more'n that.

I am needful of some quiet and space without folks in it.

Buuuut.... I got an appointment back in Phx come the 5th of April... so I can't go too far... yet... We shall see where I find a roost to wait a few days on that last desert commitment,  I guess... maybe I can catch my breath there :)

'course, I got plenty of my own work to get done! :) There just ain't any rest for the wicked huh?

But spring is bouncin', the sun is shinin' and it's Time to be workin' north with the wild geese... HooYa!

Beyond Ready to Rattle and Roll


Teri said...

I've read some blogger complaints that Good Sam did not set your tram routes up in a good way. Or maybe just too many people. I have never been to a RV Rally, don't know that I ever will.

Cindy K said...

Wow, this round of working for beans sounds like a burn out for sure! Not fun at all. Git ye to the desert for recharge. Good luck on the dental in Phoenix. Hope they don't jerk you around with more hmmmmm's and no work. That'd drive ME crazy..

Anonymous said...

Brian, is it too late to view some of the desert wildflowers? I'd likr to come out, but wondering if I've waited too long! Thanks for your info, and your other info as well! ===Fred===

Brian said...


I think it may be. Getting hot and dry on the Desert already. This child is anxious to run for the high country. Ran North to soon last year and the Boss dumped a foot of snow on us on Memorial Day! Haha!