Thursday, March 8, 2012

Another - Inconvenient Truth - There's got to be some changes made

It would be nice to be able to just talk about pretty things and live in sweetness and light. To not be accused of contributing to the ugly darkness that's spreading across the country.

The trouble with that is, there are those that take advantage of a mans good nature and reticence to trigger a storm; But for me to remain silent, in defense of my income, is a disgrace and a cowardice I cannot stomach.

If you can't bear the unpleasant truth. If you want to live in denial, do not read further.

It's been said that The survival of evil only requires that good men say nothing... I won't be the one responsible for the evil growing around us.

But... Since I can't force changes on others those changes will have to be within myself, and my own life.

Too bad those such as Fluke and Obama lack the same reservations against "Forcing" others.

Let's face it. I may not be able to judge whether Limbaugh was correct or not, and truthfully whether she is or isn't... is none of my business and it's impossible for me to care less.

But when she, and all the other socialist filth she asscociates with promote and force on myself and the rest of the country their obscene philosophy... THAT...IS my business.

Having been a soldier who served in defense of this Nation and its Law; I have not only the Right but the Duty, having sworn a Never Recinded Oath, to execute that Defense, and to stand up and speak the truth... Unto My Life.

She... and all those other Socialist Vermin are Despicable Human Beings.

I can make that judgement, accurately, with no fear of contradiction based not on the medical care she claims to be seeking... but on how she and her verminous compatriots seek to gain it.

This is not a debate of political beliefs.

This is a fight between right and wrong. Moral and Immoral. Freedom and Slavery. Courage and Cowardice.

Make no mistake. The recent media storm has nothing to do with whether that nasty Limbaugh was mean to that poor helpless little 30 year old lawyer... It's about the misdirection being used to divert your attention from the fact that their ultimate agenda is your enslavement... Yes... that IS the correct word. I didn't mis-speak... Your Enslavement.

Go back to 1858. There was a group of three million or so held, against their will, mostly in the southern states. Remember that? Those people were held in abhorrent institutionalized Slavery. What was the result of their slavery?

The benefits of their Labor were taken from them against their will. If they tried to hide from it or escape, or avoid the theft of their LIVES, in any way, they were beaten. If they resisted, they were beaten. If they resisted further they were beaten more severely. If their resistance continued far enough... They died.

Fast forward to our world today.

Fluke and her verminous filth, from 3000 miles away tell me they are going to "Take" the benefits of my labor. Whether I acquiesce to the theft or not.

They're clever though. They've concealed the obscenity of their philosophies under a blanket of economic chains and flowery 1984 double speak.

If I resist I will be fined.

If I resist further I will be arrested and imprisoned.

If I refuse to be arrested... You KNOW what the result of that would be... The Swat teams of even small towns are now equipped with Armored Vehicles to intimidate, bully and ensure that any hope of resisting the Obscenity of their Socialism is eliminated.

They TAKE my property, my wages, the Fruits of my Labor, BY FORCE OF LAW... Against My Will... under punishment of Death if I choose to resist to that point...  


That... is the Definition... of Slavery.

I am told that I am "Disappointing." That people expected "Better of me". Well... sorry. If you expected me to lay supine and submissive... while Socialist Filth Desecrate the Sacrifices made by Generations of American Patriots to Win, Defend and Secure our Liberty... You Grossly Misjudged this Old Soldier.

I was born Free. I will Fight Free, and I will Die, A Free Man.

I will Never... Live as a Slave.

-BK Gore


john said...

i know your one voice or one vote wont change the peoples that are hoodwinked or mislead ,,but good for you in your opinion,just that , your opinion, but speak as you will god bless..

john said...

i know your one voice or one vote wont change the peoples that are hoodwinked or mislead ,,but good for you in your opinion,just that , your opinion, but speak as you will god bless..

Scott and Lisa Brawner said...

Brian I agree you 100% although I wouldn't have been as soft spoken as you...LOL You don't owe anyone an explanation for what you say or write.Your feelings reflect those of many and the sooner our country adopts this ideology the sooner we can begin to heel as a nation. Scott

Unknown said...

I always figured you for pretty bright, but I was sadly mistaken. It is your kind that has gotten this country where it is today.

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Please don't mistake opposing opinions as an indicator of "brightness," or intelligence. Cowboy is plenty bright... he's carving on his "dream," and just had the courage to risk a cut in "pay" by voicing his opinion... taking a stand for what he believes in. That's what built this country, it's called freedom of speech.

Carolyn said...

oh wow... please do more reading on this subject. I enjoy your blog but this subject is very near and dear to my heart...

Pleases read Ms. Fluke's testimony

This isn't about socialism - it's about healthcare for women. Viagra is covered ...

This is your blog and your opinions and I respect that so I won't go any further than to please ask you to read more on this subject before condemning.

Anonymous said...

You've got that right.

Cindy Kingma said...

I was wondering if you were feeling you'd made a mistake the other day. Now I know you thought you did. That's OK, just keep the Tums close by; your ulcer is gonna need it. All that anger has to 'settle' somewhere. Sorry if I added to it. Never meant to. This is your blog and your opinions.

Joe said...

Hmmm... I'm not going to say I agree or disagree with you on the whole Fluke, Limbaugh thing. But what you said about us be enslaved! You were right on the money. It is happening! Rock on Cowboy!

Anonymous said...

You got my vote, buddy. I agree with you 110%

Scott and Lisa Brawner said...

I cant understand how any rational person can not understand how wrong this woman is on so many levels. Entitlement is not what this country was built on, Hard work and personal responsibility is something so many people don't understand. Somehow our country has deteriorated to this way of thinking.
As it pertains to contraception BUY YOUR OWN, this woman is obviously speaking for the many of the people who are getting aid from our already broke government . And if a welfare recipient or anyone else, can buy soda ,cigarettess, chips and cupcakes, then let them buy there own rubbers/pills, or obstain from sexual activity.I dont want to pay for someone elses Desire not Need, we as americans do plenty of that already.
Like many of you as I have aged ( I am 50 ) I have become more compasionate about some things and try not to be as quick to judge, but just like Brian is doing I someday want to get out there and enjoy some of what is left of my life , and everytime some knucklehead comes up with an Idea like this you and I as hard working tax payers have to foot the bill, it puts us that much farther from that dream. We need manditory drug testing for welfare recipiants and manditory work programs for these people to repay there debt to this country, and this type of crap is only serving to promote more of the same.
Our country is doing more for Illegal immegrants and welfare recipiants than it does for returning service men and women, and it is sad.
Sorry Brian but sometime the herd needs to be culled, hopefully thought provocing content like this blog will help people see that we as tax payers cant continue to give a free lunch. Scott

Judy said...

Here are my concerns with the situation. I have read that she has said she is a political activist on the subject of birth control. Furthermore, from what I have read she picked out Georgetown on purpose because of the health care coverage for students. It is also interesting that Georgetown is in the DC area. How convenient when the folks that are pushing this health care plan are also in DC. I wonder what her 'reward' is going to be for her testimony. And yes, I'm a cynic.

No where in the Constitution, as written, by the Founding Fathers is it guaranteed a-cot-and-three-hots much less health care at the expense of The People. All that is guaranteed is the unencumbered pursuit of said items. Which has gotten pretty encumbered here lately!

Anonymous said...

Jan...You need to go out for a long drive and see the consentration camps that are being put together in the USA. Do you think they are for the unlawful people? You bet they are and when they change the rules all the regular people of today's beliefs will be in them. Hold on to your panties its going to be a hell of a ride and it will happen so fast you'll think your living a bad dream. Brian- you keep dreaming and have as much fun as you can handle maybe all the goods can put this country back together again.

Anonymous said...

Right on Brian.

More of us need to speak up publicly about what has been going on in DC the last 3-5 years and it's not due to those ni charge not knowing how to do whatever.

They know exactly what they are doing and they are very successful at it.

IMO things are going to get much worse very soon.