Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Bing, Bing... Binnggggggg! Sometimes I get to feeling like Ricoquet Rabbit.

Ok... a very slow - ly... ric - o - chet - ing ..... Rabbit. ;)

We're pulling out to Roosevelt Lake in a little while... to chill for a bit in the Arizona hills before March starts. Cuz March is beginning to look like an over scheduled bit of the winter.

We'll start the month out back at PIR for another Race week. (gotta pay the dentist!) We've got to be there for Heidi's gate work to start on the 27th of February I think. I start my NASCAR Driving a few days later... Then I've got another tooth Doctor appointment mid month... and then...

We're back at PIR! for another week. The Good Sam Club has one of their rallies there starting I think on the 22nd. They called the PIR folks and asked if any of their Pro-feshun-al Tram Drivers might could want to haul their RV Rally Patrons 'round the area. The guy I work for when we're at PIR called me... and so I'll be there... and maybe even Heidi will get her Tram Drivers Card ;)

Well that was a no brainer... even for a broken down ol' NASCAR tram driver like me! ;)  That bit of work will pay me better than the NASCAR work so... Sweet! and only four days... I can deal!

So... from the 22nd through the 25th we'll be back at PIR with the Good Sam Club... then a couple weeks and the Dentist gets me back again...

Dentists... and this one a "University" set up... I've been in their "Chair" more than six hours so far... and they've not yet picked up a tool or drilled a hole. They've been doing this look-see and that look-see and oh let's make a mold! and... uh ... Saving money with "Student" dentists takes Time! ;)

Now... just yesterday... Heidi and Buck signed up for a two day Agility Trial over to Tempe starting on the 25th of February... so we'll have to come back down out of the hills a couple days early. :)

But for the next ten days or so we'll be up on the Tonto and back out of the hustle and bustle... which I am needful of... A few weeks of the Quartzsite confusion followed by a week of Bead Show at Tucson all seasoned with tire confusions there and here in Phoenix... and  I'm ready for the Bush! or near to it!

... and maybe a lil' of the Raider in the Wind...

I'm bound for the Tonto girls


Cindy Kingma said...

Spending 6 hours in a 'dentist' chair and no work but "hmmmmm?" going on??? That would seem to be wasting more of that TIME thing to me....and I'd still be worried when the actual tools were picked up....better YOU than me! I just go in, and git er DONE! (no, I don't have insurance either). If the teeth can be saved without costing me a MINT, fine. Otherwise, take it out. Some dentists want you to spend thousands for one...not that fond of one tooth for that $. Just my opinion on dental issues.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like taking time in the bush. Why don't you go over to Mexico for good value dentistry? 6hrs...You'd be there and back with a fixed tooth and a bottle of..mmmm? BiLL