Sunday, January 8, 2012

Is it, The Life of a Cowboy Biker RV Boondocker?

or... The impact of an over active imagination controlled by multiple personalities masquerading as a functioning individual multi-tasking on enterprises of multiplying tangents with increasingly trivial pursuits?

You heard the song about the bad motorcycle with the Devil on the seat right? Well... this one has advanced A.D.D. ... on Speed! ;)

I can plan to be organized, focused and disciplined all I want... and it'll work out real good... right up to the point that it don't, and I split off on another hairbrained trail that popped up and caught my attention.

I telll ya... on a good day... I can get dizzy hookin' those U's! If I don't pass out from chokin' on the smoke first.

I'm a lot like one of the youngster monkeys you see at the Zoo... just about have their attention span too. I jump up from whatever I'm doin' to go racin' off after something, only to pull 6G's in a smokin' U-Turn as something new passin' the other way catches my attention.

*Long Views in Desert Far Country*

Peaceful views of a quiet desert should slow down such gyrations... wouldn't ya think?


Well... Not so much. Seems like they only serve to bless me with more energy to spin more U-Turns goin' in fortythree and a half different directions...

One nice thing is... I'll get payback on them physicians here in a few years.

Those buggers'll go hair pullin' crazy tryin' to diagnose what's wrong with the jabberin' idiot they got locked up in the crayon ward... until somebody drifting through recognizes me... "Oh! You were talkin' 'bout him? Hell, he ain't got no sort of dementia! That's Brian... He's just NUTS!" :)

*Easy maintenance desert landscaping*

So... stubborn as I am... I keep trying to hunt up Desert scenery to slow me down...

Then I get the bright Idea... I'll ride in to Q for fuel when I get back to the rig... uh... slow down? Me?... On a Raider?... on an empty road in the Desert... wrong again! ;)

I tired that yesterday... slowin' down clocked a velocity violation once or twice. :) Bad Cowboy!

Today we rode in Two up to scout RV's at a couple of the dealers set up for the coming Hordes during the big "RV Shows" in Quartzsite.

Just doin' our early scouting for whatever rig we arrange sometime in the future... like I said... from Desert, to Motorcycle to RV's... to The Grubstake Saloon for a late lunch of Scallops and Blue Moon Beer while the Broncos were keeping their playoff hopes alive... to get back and braid some more words together... so what's that... five tangents in one afternoon or six? ;)

But I was a good boy today... herself didn't beat on my back as we rolled along, not even one time for... umm ... Motorcycle indiscretions of the "OH MY GOD SLOW DOWN!" kind. :)

... and found a rig or two that's kind of interesting... lil' 30' class A winnebagos and Open Range pull rigs that lead a schemer to use up a lot of doodling paper...

... now all I gotta do is do a better job of hawkin' the ebooks I've already published while I get the next one finished!

oops... that's two more tangents ain't it?! aw hell... I'm goin' to bed and count sheep... uh oh...

Multiplying Tangents in the Desert


Richard said...

Hey Brian, I talk to you as one with A.D.D to another... wait someone walking by... I hear a phone, do you hear a phone? Should I chew my finger nail or should I cut them up today... what were we talking about? Oh yes the problem is to stay focus on things we are not passionate about (like changing trailer and so forth).

You should try to hunt up snowy scene... this might be just what would give you a out of control spin (no choice about slowing down then)!

Anonymous said...

if you ever need some one to get you out of the crayon room just send me a smoke signal

Gaelyn said...

The open desert provides the perfect place to run amuck.
The Q can be a place to go broke. I'll be there in the next couple of weeks to look around at all the stuff.

Brian said...

Richard; Nope! No Snow for me... I've had just 'bout all of that I can use! ;)

Anon; Don't think that'll work... they took my Zippo! :)

Gaelyn; Keep your eyes open for a bald headed pussgut making a lot of U Turns! :)

Tom & Ella Williams said...

So ... lemme git this straight ... you go racin' off to find a calmin' view? I'm thinkin' it ain't the execution its the premise that's in error.

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