Friday, December 2, 2011

Is Brian all Doom and Gloom? or Is He Just Trying to Keep It Real?

 Has he given up? Or is there a reason to his "madness"? Is he a Debbie Downer... or just trying to lock the barn door BEFORE the horse gets loose? and maybe trying to tickle some others to do the same?

I surely understand how things can look to folks, like it's all doom and gloom. They get whipped by the winds around 'em, and it seems like they get carried on by the force of that storm, with no way out.

I for one don't hold with that idea.

The way things are turning for me now, (with my books and such) I have to have some optimism left. It's just... well... if you go into something with your eyes open, you're set up a lot better to adjust to the situation around you...

I'm NOT saying that you'll weather this storm without gettin' wet. I'm not claiming there is some silver bullet that keeps all the gremlins and politicians, and 1%'er vermin away...

What I AM saying is, you've got options. You ALWAYS have options... and the sun after the storm is pretty nice.

When you're up north, in the land of Wolves and 900 lb Grizzlies. You don't stop living. You don't stop hiking. You DO take certain precautions to give yourself an "edge"... To make that bit of world that you can exert control over, a mite safer and more pleasant for you. Pepper spray, Bells... and.. ahem... tools of a more... uh ... athletic nature...

That's what I'm sayin'... see what's coming and put the 7P's in operation. (Proper prior planning prevents p_ _ S poor performance)

Is it doom and gloom to think of the possibility of a wreck, or theft or fire... and buy insurance for your car?
Or is it better to just smile without insurance... and Expect it to all turn out fine?

Is it doom and gloom to mount fire extinguishers in strategic spots around your rig? Or is it better to believe a fire will never happen, and Save that expense?

Is it doom and gloom to place wheel chocks to keep the winds from rolling your rig away to places you'd
rather it didn't travel? Or is it better to Hope that won't happen to you... and not expend the effort?

Is it doom and gloom to try and save up a lil' bit of gold in case of a rainy day?

You must be doom and gloom if you buy health insurance or set up medical savings aren't you? Why are you so negative?

Is it doom and gloom for me to write about the sense it makes to do such things? or is it living in Denial to pretend such things "Will never happen to me?"

I say nope. Just simple, pragmatic, common sense... Hope for the best, but plan for the worst.

So... Seeing where things are likely goin' in the not so far off future, is it "Doom and Gloom" for me to talk about it? To point at the lessons of History... that too many want you to ignore... and holler; Yo! People! DUCK!?

Or... can I claim to be simply warning you that I believe there's a coming storm, and it might make sense to take a few precautions in that world right close about you... to be prepared for the approaching weather?

Some tell me why bother? What can you do? Others tell me that I only see the dark side of things, "Why are you so negative?" Maybe what they perceive is my perception of the world around me.  That it seems so few others smell the bad breath of that 800 lb Gorilla sitting in the corner... and nobody is doing much to get the sucker moved out of my living room!

 I've got things I want to do. I can't get 'em done if I've not dealt with the gorilla first... so...

Somebody has to say something... so that I can get back to the Important stuff... Motorcycles and Playing!

I get frustrated and have those thoughts of defeat myself on occasion. What can I do? Sometimes it all seems too big. Too much to accept let alone deal with.

"How am I gonna resist the winds of such storms. How is a lil' guy like me gonna stand up to that?

When such thinking is dragging me back... it helps me to listen to a song from many years ago... I was listening to it just a lil' bit ago... I think it fits well... even if the horses in this video don't :)  ... though... in a way, I can see parallels to consider ;)

I say. Live your life. Make the choices that preserve your Liberty and Family. Live with Pride and Courage.
Live with Compassion and Honor.

And while you are out Living, Laughing and Loving...

... keep your B_ _L  S_ _T detector handy and the volume turned up high  ;)

Just Keepin' it Real


roadcam said...

I'm in the same boat, my friends and family think I am just 'too negative' and maybe even 'paranoid' ... but, they're not waking up alone in the middle of nowhere, and reading the News in depth all day long ... bad storms are coming, and I see them on the horizon !

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong with being a realist. Good post

Pleinguy said...

Hang in there Brian. You're on a good path. So long as we have thinkers like you we have a fighting chance to save our liberties. Glad to hear your story tellin' is working out for you. Take care!

Brian said...

roadcam; I can obsess on that too if I'm not careful!... and reading the news "in depth all day" can bury your spirit... I'd suggest LIVING most of the day, working to deal with what yo expect to happen part of the day... and turning the news off... MOST of the day;:

Suzan; Many Thanks! though... sometimes me thinks I'm a surrealist! ;)

Pleinguy; Your painting is Um... not sure of the right word... fine? Beautiful? sweet? :) Very Nice? You'll have no shortage of material for inspiration!

Shadowmoss said...

I believe the vote we all have that has the only real result is with the money we spend and the places we patronize. Just not buying is an alternative for a lot of things we think we need. Choosing where to buy food, and what kind, what kind of shelter, who we pay to do what is out vote every day for the world we want to see. Barter, thinking twice about buying things made in 3rd world countries, making things ourselves and/or making do. These are votes against large corporations and the hold they seem to have. Just like 'back in the day' when women burned their bras, they weren't so much punishing anyone else as finally seeing that the change needed was inside each of them. That's where the shackles really live. But, then, that's what you are saying, too.

Cindy Kingma said...

"I say nope. Just simple, pragmatic, common sense... Hope for the best, but plan for the worst."
These words are ones I have said many times; your philosophy in this post is pretty much my lifelong beliefs. I like how you express it. Have a great day, Brian!!

denlin said...

Brian, my b__l s__t detector has plum exploded cause I live in Iowa and the politicians are on tv, papers & radio constantly, endlessly blathering on and on. Most Iowans think we need the caucases for the revenue that's generated, but that don't hold a candle to the pure anger and disgust that's generated by having these lyin' blowhards in our backyards day after day.
We're headin' for the desert right after xmas! (before the caucases)!love your blog