Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Sorting Through My Packs... and Clearing out Confusions...

 Been a while since I stepped off on a long winded, cowboy sermonizing, temperamental tirade... So, let me fix that! :)

Something has been floating around in my head the past week or three... Since there is so much empty room in there, for things to bang around... it's been taking its own sweet time, coming up to where it can be seen clearly.

And now... a few other bloggers have said things in the past several days... that's helped that clarification rise up out of a fogged up Biker Cowboy's Brain.

That and being on the receiving end of 1800 miles of the healing power of the open road on a Motorcycle! :)

First was the Artful Blogger;  "Never crush someone’s dream, no matter how bold, how unrealistic it may seem to you."...

... and then... Our Odyssey;  "In my fantasy, readers are looking at these mechanical issues, seeing how we deal with them, and that is giving them the confidence to strike out on their own, knowing that all these sorts of problems are manageable."

I think, though the three of us are Wildly Different Yonderers.. we have similar ideals.

That thing, Like Sean's "Fantasy", that's been bumping around inside of my head, trying to get out,  is the idea that someone might actually benefit from my trail... and... in a Cowboy Karma sort of a deal, some of that benefit might splash back on me... as the result of an enlightened self interest.

The second part of what's been struggling for understanding... is how the "Judgmental" nature of Waaaaaay to many people on this road I follow, can find itself attached to and dragging down that enlightened self interest buoy.

I've been reading some of the writings of a few "Other" guys the past few days as well. Those boys shall remain nameless, in the interest of peace and tranquility :)... cuz... I'm about to get a bit Judgmental here... a dangerous trail I know...but I'll be as careful as I can be... given my "limitations" :)

What I've got to say is kinda critical... Those "Other" guys are wrong... But... What Bothers me... is that... when I read some of what they've written... I hear Echos of my Own Words...

They ripped on Big Rigs, People with stereos, this and that... hell, they even ripped on the lifestyle of Motorcycle Riders! Those boys have the arrogant audacity to claim to be the Vendors of all truth and pro-pri-uh-tee...Leastways, it comes across that-a-way.

UH... When it gets down to it... who are any of us... to rip on Any... Body?

Now... my Excuse is... and what I've tried to do... what I've tried to limit my Criticism too... is Freedom... or... the lack of it...

What I've tried to do, what my intention is; Is to try and Motivate folks to summon the cajones to go out, chase their Freedom. Chase their Dreams. Find the Courage to LIVE. To Live to their own tune... not Anyone Elses's.

To understand that; "If You live to meet someone Else's expectations... you become their property."

So... let me clear up some things that maybe folks could have a misunderstanding about when it concerns this Ol' Buster.

When I seem to "Denigrate" some variety of Rig or lifestyle... ALL.. I am saying.. is... "That 'IT' Ain't for ME." That doesn't mean it... whatever 'IT' is... is a bad thing... Only, that it's a thing that doesn't tickle my woolies.

Also, as Mark wrote... Know that it's NEVER my intention to  "Crush anyone's Dream"... Not even a lil' bit... unless of course... it is their "Dream" to impose their Ideas and beliefs on anyone else, or behave in an arrogant and disrespectful way... then of course ... I drag out the chain saw... and git to work! :)

That said... I do... and will... say a few things, now and again about parts of life that, to me, seem to do heavy damage to a persons Individuality, and Freedom. That, is my BIG, hot button issue. Freedom and the Sovereign RIGHTS of the Individual that Government and SOH-Si-UH-TEE... have got zero Right, or Moral Authority to touch or color. Rights... Unassailable, Inviolate, RIGHTS...  NOT ... regulate-able, revocable... privileges.

Maybe my biggest wish is that there would be some sort of a miraculous Revelation amongst folks... where the ones that "Don't Get It" (a heavy majority of population)... would suddenly be able to discern the difference between those two things... Rights and Privilege.

I do such talkin' with as much etiquette and politeness as I can... but... what can I say, I don't always hit the mark.

Also, like Sean said in his post, what sometimes might seem to be me whining... is put down with the idea that somebody might be able to glean something useful from what I've run in to... and overcome. Or, even just seeing what ate my lunch, might could give someone the information they needed to avoid the same calamity.

That and one more lil' thing. In this age of mood enhancing drugs, to cure depression, as if ALL of that's a disease... I stand up and say... when there's war over half the globe, when your transmission's blown, your bank account is drained dry, your dog has fleas, supper is burned, your "Relationship" is on the rocks, there's two flats on the ATV... and you're just plain, In A Bad Mood, with skeeters buzzin' around the bedroom at two in the morning...

... It's OK to get down...

Hell... it's Good and Proper, to be depressed.

Just because someone else... some place else... has it worse than you... doesn't make your load any lighter... so Lighten up on yourself... It's OK to feel like crap for a while... It's Freaking Normal People! If you don't do that once in a while... THAT is more of an unrealistic problem... Which I promise you, stuffing it like that is gonna come back and bite you on your sensitive parts... And that is a Double Rectified, Gar-uhn-tee!

Go sit in the shade for a while. Put your Ipod buds in your ears, tune in your favorite jams, pop the top on a cool brew... or a cup of green tea if that's your preference... and chill.

Then, after a rest... get up... put one foot in front of the other... and move on down the road...

...So... though I can see inside my own head a mite more clearly, (and geeze... what a mess!) I may or may not have laid out a clearer picture for ya'll... Though, I may have just punched the last nail into the lid on the box that holds your idea that; "That Ol' Boy is seven bricks shy of half a load!" :)

Goin' RV Boondocking on a Ribbon of Highway :)

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Joe said...

"If You live to meet someone Else's expectations... you become their property."
That is worth sharing.

Glenda Laine said...

Makes sense to me, Brian! Life is all a matter of PERSPECTIVE - yours, mine, & everyone else's is all in our individual heads (& hearts). When your glass seems half empty, put it all in a smaller glass to get a different perspective of a situation!

Brian said...

Joe; I put it in quotes... cuz somebody else said it first! I just can't remember who! :)

Glenda; Uh... I'm down to a shot glass to keep it full :) gonna have to move to a thimble next I guess :)

OK... OK People... I was... Joking!!!

Anonymous said...

I just went through a little bit of bad mood, for reasons too long to go into here, and i cam to the same conclusion. It's normal to feel bad when things are bad, other people's problems don't make mine any easier to handle. Great stuff!

Gaelyn said...

We have feelings so we Can feel them. Doesn't have to last forever. There's always choice.

sharlotte said...

Well said Brian. We r home. Drove 8845 miles in the two and a half months we were gone. Daughter informed us Sunday we r going to be GRANDPARENTS in March!!!!! Yipee! !!!Airlines are gonna love me. LOL

caravan repairs said...

Go with what you believe is the right thing to do and you want the most.