Friday, July 15, 2011

The Raider Has Returned to the Eagle From It's Travels...

We rolled something like 1800 miles in six days... turning a ride to the Black Hills into just that, a ride To, the Black Hills...

The way it turned out, the going and coming used up so much time, zigging and zagging through Montana and Wyoming; making a 650 mile or so ride from Seeley Lake to Spearfish something over 900 miles :) that due to commitments we all had, on down the road, we left ourselves little time to actually ride those Black Hills! :)

*The Bikes I was chasing, through Spearfish Canyon*

This picture above, kind of says a little bit of what the trip was like for me... It kind of pulls your eye up and away from the bikes in front of me... I found myself rolling and leaning through Bear Tooth Pass, Over the Big Horns... even through some nasty sidewind east of Gillette... with my vision torn between the road and bikes in front of me...

*Following the Goldwing Down of the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming*

... and the country all around that we were rolling through...

That's the paradox of a motorcycle I guess... It requires, It Demands, your complete attention... yet the reason you are there, to see, to feel, to breathe, to Know, the country you're riding through... is calling out to you every mile... pulling your concentration away from that Ribbon of Highway and your Motorcycle.

*Looking out across the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming*

Rode past this view from the Medicine Wheel atop the Big Horns, looking out over a camp that Heidi and I used a couple years back on an earlier trip. This is after you climb Alternate 14... Which you Don't Want to do... either way... If your rig and your abilities aren't up to par... That is One, Steep, piece of Asphalt...

... I mean... when a Motorcycle that will peel me off the seat, with the wind it makes... can feel the grade... It's Steep! :)

So now I'm back... way behind on my work and chores... and adding to 'em... Now I gotta build a trip Video for myself and Kerry and Daryl ... hmmm... I wonder if I spelled that right? :) as well as write up the balance of the trip on  A Ribbon of Highway... so I better go try to start moving in the direction of catching up!

Got behind on posting along the way... due in large part to the electronic "failures" I had... the phone I was using to post... had it's charger die... then the phone itself died... along with the pocket inverter I need to charge the lil' acer laptop... going AWOL... so... No shortage of chores to get done! :)

The Bike is Parked... and I'm Trying to Put My Heart Back In To Working! :)

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