Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Life in The West... Another Day.

Something about living, full time on the road that a lot of folks forget is that, you ain't on vacation. :) ... this is just the different way of going that you chose.

Might still seem like a road trip vacation at times, 'cause it is a fine way of living!... but... truth be known, and especially for those of us at MY economic level (which is; would you loan me a ladder so I can climb up high enough to see what it looks like... outside... of this hole?) staying in that mentality isn't something that would be very affordable... or long term... very rewarding...

Point is... When you're in Vacation mode you get up every day asking What are we gonna do today? Generally that means you're gonna get in the car drive somewhere, pay some money to get in... do your thing... eat too much... race over somewhere else to do something... and then come draggin' back to camp... or the motel... and fall into bed... exhausted.... so you can sleep for a few hours...

... and then get up tomorrow... and repeat... for maybe two weeks... until you get home, so you can rest up from your Vacation! :o)

Bottom line... you're only consuming... assets... energy... time....

OK... that's fine... Hell, that's GOOD... When you're on VACATION!

But... goin' on, living day by day... that just ain't something that this Ol' buster can sustain... fact is... I'm one who likes to just sit back and look sometimes... a lot of ... sometimes.

That and I still work... I'm living the way I do now, not because I want to be On Vacation... but, because this gypsy livin'... is what fits me.

The thing that's made it work, that allows me to live it... is that I finally put the pieces together, of a way for me to work at making my living... while remaining a wandering, gypsy cowboy biker!

And... Finally, I've managed to fit those pieces into something that I can call My Work... rather than... a Job...

Yup, I have My Work... Several hours a day I'm sittin' at the desk, tap tap tappin' away... trying to string some more words together that will get the attention of a few more folks.

Lucky me... I finally figured out a way to get paid for all my gas! :o) and not meaning to toot my own horn... really! :o) ... those paydays are actually starting to come along a lil' fatter!

Yesterday was the biggest pay day on record for my websites... and Checking sales at Amazon last night, my ranking in the Amazon Kindle Store had climbed up to 31,000 and some.... at least, for a little while. (back up to 44,000+ at this writing)

Not too bad when you consider the nigh on to a million other titles I'm competing against! :o)

So... with that encouraging news... I pulled up the blinds this morning... Nice way to start a day.

*Sunrise on the Kaibab*

To complain about things wrong in my life... Well, of course there are... after all... I am me... but... Looking around me, in the world... and then whining about what hasn't gone right for me... some just might call that chicken $&@t or... oh... maybe something like... "Brian... geeze! quit bein' such a Debbie Downer! Look around you! I'd kill for what you have!" ;o)

So... where is my rambling goin' today? No idea! I write these blogs like I write my stories... Start off with one sentence and then, what thoughts follow is as new to me as it is to you! :) the thoughts just come and I tap 'em out!

*Plenty of Far Country to Breathe in*

The thought in my head now is that... I don't want a 'Vacation', an escape from a job... but... it should have that flavor. Every day should start with Needing to get out of bed, and get to Your Work... not a job... Your Work... because that work, whatever it is, fulfills some creative need, deep inside you.

I want every day to start like mine today, standing at the door, the soft cool breeze of a Kaibab Sunrise on my face as I just breath it in... before turning to my desk... picking up my needle and thread... and stringing up some more words...

*Taking some of those steps... through the bushes*

Your way is there too. Don't wait until you can see the "Whole Picture". That's an almost impossible task... Just find that First Step, toward that fuzzy goal in the distance... and take it. The steps will come faster and clearer as you go... and that far off fuzzy goal will start to come into focus... and, like me... it just might turn out to be a tee total surprise!

Hoping You find Your Work... and Your Freedom

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gumo said...

Brian, I thought I would help out your Kindle stats a little by buying one of your ebooks.

Heck, it is the least I can do to say thank you for the excellent blogging you have been doing for all of us.

Thanks very much!

Gaelyn said...

I don't quite understand why people think because you live full-time in an RV your on a full-time vacation. Although I have to say I like being retired half the year and Love my Work as a Park Ranger. Not too hard to live at the Grand Canyon. Keep on keeping on. Love your philosophy.