Saturday, December 4, 2010

Did You Know That Yamaha Builds A Time Machine?

Yup they do!

Works like this... Old busted up Geezer climbs on a Yamaha Raider... twists the throttle... puts his knees in the wind on the open road... he ain't an Old Busted up Geezer no more! He's Young an' Purty!... :o) Works like a champ...

Also... yesterday morning I discovered that it also has the ability to bend time! Uh Huh, it does!

We've been gettin' awful lazy... gettin' started behind schedule in the morning is becoming a bit of a routine... so... when we climbed on the bike to ride up to meet Mark and Bobbie for lunch in Sedona... we were a half hour late getting started for the two hour ride...

Only... it wasn't a two hour ride... ya see... that big red Yamaha slows down the clock! and cuts that run to just an hour and a half ride... You do the math... to make up a whole dang half hour... in that distance... whoooooowheee! That big Red Raider Yamaha was movin' Baby! :o)

Even if... these Arizona folks don't let the grass grow much...

*Thought cruising the Raider at 90 was movin' along - till I got passed by a trailer load of mattresses!!*

... and it got us there, right on time for our link up with the Johnson's... though... those couple of Highway Troopers we rolled past had me a mite nervous once or twice...

I think what happened was... they heard somethin'... looked up... and didn't see a thing!... We were already a gone song! :o) You know it's a good bike when the lawdogs eyes can't even keep up!

Yup... I'm a baaaaaad cowboy! :o) and I expect to hear a lot less guff 'bout bein' such a SLOW old decrepit geezer!

*Brian, Mark, Bobbie, Heidi*
Took our time swappin' lies and secrets... and Nope... I ain't gonna tell... secret handshake and all, ya know... We did some window shoppin' in town to walk off some of the groceries, while we finished up our too quick visit... Was a really nice day... and THAT, little thing right there, is one of the things I like 'bout my Home State of Arizona... Sittin' in shirt sleeves, in December... outside... in the Sun... to share a meal. :o)

Only trouble with yesterday was that it Was a day trip... so we had to take our leave for the ride back to the rig in Glendale... 'course, that does have a silver lining, don't it? I mean... It just ain't THAT hard, to climb back on the Raider... to roll out another hundred or so miles! :o) Leastways, not for me! So, even if you have to say goodbye to friends for another long while... that poke don't hurt quite so much, when you can soften it with two wheels.

Made a quick loop through Oak Creek Canyon... hit the head of the canyon, and swapped ends to run for Glendale... 'bout the time I started seein' the signs of wet on the road... which meant that the snow, that's up on top of that end of the canyon... had filtered down to the bottom... for at least a little while... and I've got no need for seein' that just now... so turn back south...and run for the warm! :o)

*Yamaha Raider making up time on I-17*

*Hazy day in the Red Rocks of Sedona*

There was this One Thing... for years... ever'where we'd go... women would run up and tell herself... "Do you know your husband looks just like Sam Elliot?"

What do yo think? I don't see the resemblance... Hell... there ain't no big fly on MY cheek! :o)

Well kids... it's back to work for me... gotta get that next great western hero out of trouble!

Warming in the Arizona Sun

p.s. I just discounted ALL my ebooks for the Holiday Season to just .99 !!! Might take a day for Amazon to update its' system for "A Matter of Honor" and as much as a month for it to filter down to Barnes and Noble... But Smashwords has EVERYTHING, RV books and "A Matter of Honor" at just .99 cents...

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Box Canyon Blogger said...

Thanks for coming up to the red rocks for lunch guys!
mark and bobbie