Thursday, June 24, 2010

I'm Committed Now...

Or... maybe... I'm about to Be... committed! :o)

Gave notice at the Hardware store yesterday afternoon... Kinda spooky... So much ain't Right... and so many potholes visible up ahead... but... No goin' back now! :o) My last day there will be the 7th of July...

So... either Shining Times comin'... or runnin' hard with Smokey on my tail!

Riding for Lakewood in a couple hours. Taking the Raider down to get the front seat reworked with Dan Ballards magic at Bitchn Stitchn... and, repair the damage to the Pad, from when the Backrest came off a couple weeks ago...

Expecting the Saddlebags today or tomorrow... 

Makin' reeeealllly slow progress on reworking/reformatting my scribblings, so they can be formatted for electronic di-semin-a-shun... Not so much the work itself... I just keep getting diverted to other things...

Guess I'm gonna have to just put some sort of blinders on for a while... and maybe hum real loud... so I can't hear ever'body else tryin' to drag me to those Other things. :o)

I'm still hopin' to have one or two of the small books set up in the next 6 weeks (before I roll for Alaska)... and then, shortly after my Try-umphal ride back from the Great Buggy North... have the curtain raising for my first; Great Western Novel! :o)

That is sure a shiny fantasy... to actually be able to put a decent amount of beans on the table... and maybe even put some fuel in, or tires on, the rig... and all coming from folks wanting to read the imaginings of an RVing Cowboy Bikers fevered brain? :o)

But... it's not so Far Out a fantasy... really.

If I can just land myself somewhere between what Rex said he's turning... and the huge ebook successes of a couple of other "Newbie" fiction writers that Froggi Donna and others have put me on to... I'll be as happy as the cowboy that woke up... and found he'd been locked in the Bar when it closed up for the night!

Aw... Hope springs eternal... Right?

... so... guess I'll go look for those dang blinders...

We'll Soon be... On the Road Again!

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1 comment:

Donna McNicol said...

I'm so excited for you guys and for your trip to Alaska. You need to stop in the MTF forum and ask those guys what they feel the necessities are for that type of trip. Lots of folks there ride Alaska and under Iron Butt conditions as well.