Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good RV Tank Monitors... Something I wish the RV Manufacturers would Use as Standard!

Does your RV Tank Monitor System work as unreliably as mine?... Those lil' electrodes they have poking into the tank work fine... till you're 'bout 1/2 way through the first trip... and you realize... just how "off" they are...

Our fresh water monitor measures in about thirds... only it doesn't tell you... when you're gonna drop from 1/3... to "Damn! I need more water to get this soap off me!" ... in the shower... :o) ... and the Black Tank... That sucker reads full... when I know... for sure and for certain... that I just dumped it... an hour an' a half ago...

The only thing left to do on that... is grab a lil' flashlight... and gaze down the .... "Pipe"... yeah... Talk about "Lovely Western Views"...

Wouldn't it be nice to have a system... that the sensors can't corrode and go inoperative?... and sensors that told you what's in the tank of interest... by % points? rather than thirds, or quarters? Well, I believe I found one...

It ain't cheap... after market... but the cost would be inconsequential... for the Manufacturer to put 'em in when they build the rigs! The one I think I've found, that will do exactly what I mentioned is about $350 bucks regular... but they're on sale right now... or supposed to be... for something like 25% less...

The outfit is called Garnet Technologies... and they have a division that builds See Level Gauges. I believe, even though it puts another Ding in my budget, I'm gonna put in their system.

Their system uses sound waves (as I understand it) to measure the fluid levels... without anything penetrating the tanks... so the corrosion of the sensors is eliminated... and they have several that measure in %... from 0 to 100! Sweet! That's as accurate as I need!

I still have the belly opened up, have to replace the valve yet... and wanting to triple check my crack repair on the tank... so... it seems like the perfect time to go about installing an upgraded RV Tank Monitor system... while I've got all those tanks exposed...

So... If ya'll are weary of RV tank monitors that are nigh on to a second cousin to useless... you might look into installing one of these See Level systems... It'd be one more stress removed... if you know, exactly, what kind of "Supplies" you've got on hand!

Take Good Care

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Anonymous said...


It might be more cost effective just to buy an RV Waste Tote for those times you are unexpectedly full.


Ken and Nanette said...

Brian --

Okay we just have to tell you.

How in the world you come up with the terms and phrases you use we don't know.

However, if you were sitting here while we read your posts you would hear a lot of laughing!

You have a true gift. We have stolen a few of your phrases and they get used around our RV from time to time.

Bet you never thought that would be a benefit you would offer your readers.

"when you're gonna drop from 1/3... to "Damn!"


Ken and Nanette