Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Foggy Morning... and a Sunny Day

Weatherman says it's partly cloudy... Hmmm... looks like a total, foggy, overcast morning to me... but what do I know, I ain't a meteorologist... right? :o) Guess Cowboy Bikers and Weathermen have a difference of opinion as to what constitutes... SUN!

Sometimes I write stuff here... that even makes me stop and wonder... "Am I, 'thout knowin' it, tee total Nuts?" :o)

But then... I get feedback/comments like I got from yesterdays post... and I know, for sure an' for certain... I'm followin' the right path. Maybe trip and stumble here an' there, get scuffed and  battered... but most generally... We're on the right road.

It makes for a Sunny Day, no matter what the weather outside is doing.

Headin' out this afternoon on a three day circle to an Agility Trial down to Kiowa, Colorado... out on the plains... east of Castle Rock a bit... Not enough twisters 'round here! :o)

Trouble is... I've not got the rigs belly buttoned up yet from the tank repair. Finishing up that task is first on the agenda for this morning... then a visit to a dump station as we roll south... likely timing it to roll through Denver... Right at the peak of rush hour!

Leaving both Star Motorcycles here... without those beauties distracting me... maybe I can get a lil' work done while Heidi an' Buck do their Agility Trialing thing... a friend of Heidis' read my "Great Western Novel" this past week... and made some Good criticisms/suggestions... so... she's left me with a bit of a re-write to polish it up and make a better story out of it...

Seems... those a lil' too close to me, that I've had read it... might be a bit reticent to offer much in the way of hard, Criticism. Hmmm... must think I'm a fella with to fragile an ego, to endure such barbs huh? :o) ... actually... it's pretty cool that I've got folks around me who think that way... and give a damn about it!

anyway... maybe I can get started on that job... sitting in the sun in Kiowa!

Take Good Care

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Rex Kusler said...

Yeah, get that book finished. I'll be one of your first customers. There's a shortage of westerns these days since publishers think none of us wants to read them anymore (they've been out of touch for decades). It's nice reading about a simpler time when you could just jump on a horse and head out.

Rex Kusler said...

Also here is something I just ran across:

She writes western romance, but it bodes well for independent western writers in general.