Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slowly Falling Back into Old Routines...

Laying awake at oh-dark-thirty listening to the rain on the roof... figured I might as well get up and diddle around... So I cranked up the coffee grinder, preparing some of those dark Ol' coffee beans we got at Trader Joe's in Tucson back in February... and sat down at my desk to warm up this eelectronical confabulation that I spend so much time torturing!

Found an article on proper RV Braking Technique and posted a link to it on the News and Reviews page... if you're new... just learning... or an Old Timer that might could use a 'refresher'... you might want to give it a read...

Rain on the roof of our fifth wheel... is it as pleasurable a thing to you as it is to me?... I don't know that it puts me to sleep, but it sure has me breathing easy in a short time... well... as long as it don't go on for days! :o)

Don't know why it's such a contentment... but the fact that it has some sort of a Natural Poetry to me is a simple fact... one of those simple pleasures that competes with my Ipod! :o)

It would be even better this morning... were we up in one of my favorite high mountain camps... but I'll take it today, where we are... I can't think of a whole lot better start to a day than sitting at my desk butchering the language, the morning sky still dark, waitin' on sunrise, sippin' a cup of hot, Trader Joe's coffee, enya croonin' soft on the stereo...

... a quiet, easy start to what'll be a long day... pretty fine.

... and considerin' the rain, the couple miles of dirt road to get to the pavement... and my lazy ways these days... I'll run the Boss Hoss truck this mornin'... and leave that Red Headed Devil Woman, Yamaha Raider, tucked under her cover for the day! :o)

Have a good one folks...

Take Good Care

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