Sunday, April 11, 2010

How do I balance a Frugal Living Ideal against My "selling" to pay the bills?

I've been asked more than once; "Don't you feel kind of dishonest? You talk about Frugal Living... and then go to making money off advertising and trying to sell things?"

My answer? "Nope... Not even a lil' bit!"

A workable Frugal Living Ideal is like Lloyd's Mantra; "Life is a matter of balance"

When I started talking with folks in pursuit of this "Frugal Living" deal... I picked up pretty quick on something... a lot of 'em... too many of 'em, had just swapped one affliction for another... First they were running toward money... sacrificing all... and now they're runnin' away from it... and runnin' down anything that gets in their way of squeezing a dime... one extreme to the other...

... and in both cases... The Joy, of just plain ol' Living... gets lost in the commotion!

Money... damned Ol' dollars... you can't live with 'em... you can't live without! :o) ... so... What's a feller to do?

Why, hang Ol' Lloyds; "It's a matter of balance" on the issue!


I try to sell, promote and support... what I see to be of benefit to people. Something that will improve their lives. Along the way I try to make sure they get their moneys' worth. That, is having the proper frugal living mind set... for the girls I dance with.

And if I can make an honest living doing that... Double Sweet!

There's something, that I submit, should be your first thought when you start out pursuing a Frugal Living Philosophy. It should, in my sorta humble opinion, be your primary and foundational motivation.

That first thing is; The whole purpose, for even thinking about Frugal living, is to improve your life... to shine it up with laughter and lovin'... or why bother?

Frugal living should Not be the uncomfortable ordeal of deliberately doing without... cutting out and cutting back... with ever'thing focused on saving money.

Eliminating that focus on 'Money'... is, purty close, to bein' my focus!

I'm claiming that, what Should Be the driving philosophy, is; "How can I reduce the amount of precious Life and energy that gets wasted on, and diverted by, junk, that in the end, Doesn't contribute one pin eared, foundered mule, to my LIVING?!...

(Living = Joy, Love, Friendship, Laughter, Fulfillment, Shining Times!)

It Should Be about, finding ways to add the greatest amount of joy to our lives... to go as far as we can go, toward Shining Times... by squeezing the greatest amount possible, from our toys and tools!

Not... doin' without the toys and tools!

Sure, if the Toy don't contribute... dump it! ... But, if it does... get two!

Don't measure a "Thing" by it's price... unless that price is what it costs your Life! Measure it by; "Does it put a smile on your face... and in your heart?

If it does that... does the dollar cost even matter?... assuming you have the dollars for it, of course!  ... there's that "Balance" thing again. :o)

Bottom line? Collect those toys and tools, as many of 'em as you can carry... that honestly "Earn", a place in your tool shed, or your toy box. If the "cost" of the toys and tools... is a greater burden than what your mule can carry... discard 'em..

 Protect your Mule... Him... You Need! :o)

... and don't fret too much about the 'Missed Calls'... they'll make for good campfire stories... sippin' a beer with all those friends, that your laughter will collect.

Take Good Care

***edit... just ran across a bit of National Park info! Check it out here... Fee Free Days at the National Parks! ... or follow the link on my Twitter post...

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Anonymous said...

Howdy, Buster, and a fine Colorado morning to you!
I've been drinking the Kool-Aid here for some time and have pretty much liked it all. So, I don't understand why folks might think that figuring ways to maintain your target lifestyle without having to be locked down a doing a "40 per" would be a bad thing.

A few weeks ago, on my way into my SEASONAL job which, by the way ends next week and doesn't start up again until January - freeing for lots of wanderin' and fishin', I saw a bumper sticker on a beater of a ride. My initial reaction was that the owner was commenting on the overall condition of his car, but then I thought a little more and the danged thing hit some resonate chord within me.

The bumper sticker? "Less is enough"

Get out there and split some wind today!
Steven from Monument

john said...

brian ,frugal does not mean going with out stuff ,just not all stuff ,,its not the high cost of living at my house ,,its the cost of living high ,,forge on bucko and live it to the fullest ..

Ed said...

Well,she isn't comming back. Now I've got to pay all the debt I incured getting here. So what? I'll do it my way and live my life as I want. When I get tires on my real Baby,I'll hit the road. Take care,Ed

Box Canyon Blogger said...

Well said Brian... I feel like I just came out of "church."